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23 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Ancestry and Traits Results: Germish?

  1. Your a beautiful lady you care and love and your husband has a very devoted wife!

  2. Mine came back and I was always told that I had Native American in me by my mother buy a lot. I had no Native American in me for my test. I did however have more Iberian and Middle Eastern in me then Irish. But I was 81% British oh yeah I'm really white.

  3. Trust me 2% mean a lot with out that 2% you was not was going to bean born the more I look at your face I can se African features on your face

  4. You remind me of Anette Olzon xD

  5. Enjoyable review 🙂 good sense of humor… I don't know why but I seem to be addicted to these, probably in my DNA

  6. Olivia L says:

    You remind me of Lorelei Gilmore

  7. Thanks for sharing your information!!!!

  8. What ever you are, beautiful tops the list!!!

  9. Great video very interesting but just out of interest what maternal haplogroup did you get?:)

  10. This was one of the better DNA results videos. The commentary was humorous. You may have an inherited knack for performance.

  11. Haha….I enjoyed watching your dna video! You have a natural sense of humor. I am becoming so obsessed with genealogy and took my 23andMe test too! I hope to hopefully soom post a video. I really like that you posted on Neanderthal dna. I don't think I've seen anyone post on that yet. Great video! 🙂

  12. Scribe13 says:

    a bit Bjorkesque

  13. Lol !! I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing.

  14. EAJ2900 says:

    This was a really cool video lady has awesome personality

  15. ja says:

    how much Ashkenazi do you have?

  16. you look very German !!!!

  17. Sono says:

    My results. Peruvian mother and Chilean father.
    Native American:50%
    Africa North:4%
    Asia Central:<1%
    Iberian Peninsula:13%
    Great Britain:8%
    European Jewish:2%
    West Europe:<1%
    Middle East:2%

  18. great results. supawhite for sure.

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