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23AndMe DNA Ancestry Results | Afghan [Hazara/Turkmen]

23AndMe DNA Ancestry Results | Afghan [Hazara/Turkmen]

In this video i go over the results of my dna ancestry test.


39 thoughts on “23AndMe DNA Ancestry Results | Afghan [Hazara/Turkmen]

  1. نشونم میدادی بد نبود

  2. Evil Pagan says:

    I’m from Europe and I‘ve seen East Russians with your kinds of looks.

  3. You look more than 50% East Asian I'd say

  4. Im tajik, when people see me they think im turkish or albanian lol

  5. 19174975 says:

    The DNA mapping is a different mapping …even though Afghanistan is in central Asia or Tadjikistan is central Asian …when it comes to DNA study only Turkic Mongol people are considered central Asians not Tajiks…the interesting thing about Afghanistan is that Arab , middle eastern and , as some suggested in the past , Greek or Macedonian presence of DNA is none or almost negligible in the Afghan population …most of Afghan population consist of big movements and settlements of people into the region in its five or more thousand year history …not necessarily out of wars and conquest….one account even suggest that there is no common ancestry amongst its people and the Iranian population of today if there is it is resent …instead common ancestry with Indians of northern India , that go back to thousands of years , is shown in DNA ancestry studies ….and also with Turkic peoples of Central Asia from the times they moved into the region….

  6. Desi Boy says:

    Nice to see a Hazara Afghan DNA, I dont find 23andme or any major dna testing company's algorithm accurate at all for any non-European people.
    By ancient DNA You are basically half East Asian and half Western Eurasian, similar to groups like Uzbeks or Kazakh. Did you try Gedmatch.com? If you didnt, upload your raw data there. Im from Bangladesh and I also have some east Asian and Siberian on me, basically i came out as 66% western Eurasian(from Iranian agriculturalist of Neolithic period and Steppe cultures like Andronovo/Sintashta), 20% Ancient south Asian(a race distantly related to Melanesian and pacific Islanders), 12% East Asian(of which 7% is Siberian/Mongolian/Korean related and 5% is Burmese/Thai related) and 2% between Finnish and Native American.

  7. ramboram03 says:

    Northern Afghans have typically 20-50% Turkic dna . Other Afghans like Pashtuns, have a whopping amount of North Indus related ancestry and lack the East Asian/Turkic ancestry seen in other Afghans.

  8. 55 Nepali 45 Mongolian . 5 other tribe . Proud to Nepali Mongoliad race . Buddhist religion is dna

  9. Z Q says:

    I am also hazara from Behsoud and recently got my results from 23&me. My results are quite different than yours. I have 30% Siberian, 15% mongolian, 5% chinese and broadly east asian, 19% afghan ( not sure what ethnicity this is based on), 20 % west asian from the levent region ( Basically libanon/syria etc), 5% East European, 2% south European ( italy), and 4% unassigned. Looks like Hazaras are very mixed. Gedmatch gave me the same only more detailed, for Siberian, it gave me 20% but 10% Scandinavian etc.

  10. It was really interesting to know your DNA result.
    I kinda noticed that you might have Mongolian DNA before watching your video

  11. p says:

    this was so interesting. I did my dna test (mum is Turkman Afghan and Dad is Pashto/Hazara) my results were unexpected.. I was mainly south Asian, East Asia, Caucasus and European Jew…smallest % was Central Asia/Afghanistan. I'm so baffled

  12. I’m Persian but I have many Afghan friends of Hazara descent. I have always been really interested and fascinated by the DNA heritage of Hazaras because of their physical characteristics which is very reminiscent of the Mongolian ancestors who invaded South Asia and the Middle East. Interestingly, like you, my DNA results showed Yakut ancestry as well. Mine was only 1.2%, but it just goes to show you how we are all interconnected in some way or another ☺️

  13. Alexander the Great was from Macedonia, a province in northern Greece – not the currently-named country, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. So it was the Greeks who were in Afghanistan and it would be Greek DNA which you would have a bit of.

  14. You’re right about Afghanistan being invaded a lot but it’s not just diverse because Afghanistan was invaded its diverse because Afghanistan was the heart of the Silk Road and literally people from all over the world would go there for trade

  15. Genesis Khan and sons banged alot alot alot of women…Your Native American DNA means something along the lines of Eskimos and their ancestors, Mongolian means descending from Genghis Khan and sons pretty much. You are basically Hazara.

  16. I look like you brother. Im from Turkey. We are Oghuz Turks. Proud to be Turk. We are Turan family.

  17. Rula Drise says:

    Oguz Turkmens Came from Eastern Caspian see. With Highly West Asian Dna.

  18. Khan Jan says:

    Ghazni and Jaghori Hazaras are more Caucasian than other Hazaras.

  19. Your eyes are very Asian -.-

  20. You look straight up Asian

  21. KJ Vids says:

    I’m Hazara too, Wow I thought you got more of Greek DNA but I’m the only few Hazaras who have Greek DNA.

  22. Hazaras are basically Hapas (Asian/Persian mix)

  23. Dil gêrm says:

    yoo look sooo cuteee like a panda bear :3

  24. Turkic is East Asian; Turk is not, it's from Central Asia, but obviously in west Asia for centuries (Ottoman Empire).

  25. man you look like a mongolian

  26. For Real says:

    I have a question what do you think about turks from turkey ? I am not turkish but you know turkey turks are very racist ! and they are claiming everyone in anatolia is turkish

  27. Nice bro
    Hazara and Tajik brothers
    Pashtuns r Indian

  28. yakuts are mongolian people not turk , this terms are artificial found by zionist jews , its a excuse to replace caucasian homelands with those mongoloid aliens .

  29. hazara and turkmen are no races it was just a region described by western cartopgrapher , the area was polluted during the soviet time and replaced , the most hazars came no 100 years ago , YOU ARE MONGOL MIGRANTS ACCEPT IT DONT DENY YOUR ROOTS.

  30. Boo says:

    I'm hazara too and I got 86% central Asian. People say hazaras are Mongolian or East Asian but I got only 3% East Asian so that claim seems to be bullshit lol.

  31. Marley Bob says:

    Thanks for uploading this MirzaiFitness, we should encourage more Hazara people in uploading their DNA results. It is a blessing​ to have such diversity!!

  32. My first impression, that you are a mangolian

  33. kathy4836 says:

    Really interesting! I'm glad you posted. I am awaiting my Ancestry DNA results. I'm going to upload the raw data to GEDmatch. It's free and is supposed to breakdown the results into more precise areas of dna origination.

  34. Hi I want to say sorry to diss you I think you have beautiful eyes ?

  35. Your are of the progeny of Genghiz Khan who was a serial shagger.

  36. a. y. says:

    Why are you so surprised you are hazara and they are Mongols it's not because of the Mongol invasion it's because hazaras are Mongols . The word hazara means thousands in Farsi they were captured in thousands by the afghans they were slaves until 1950s they were freed by King Nader sha .

  37. I'm also Hazara, might I ask which province your Hazara side comes from?

  38. Masoodlol says:

    you dont look hazara turkmen… you look more hazara

  39. You look like gongfu panda ??

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