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  1. Lol guess we are related! I’m Fulani.

  2. My haplogroup is also l3e2b. Learning this information is so exciting.

  3. Thank you for the, very interesting, I am a Dominican born Canadian Citizen, cool. We share the same group L3e2b.

  4. Really like how you not only mentioned your haplogroup but also gave a summary of what else (besides percentages) 23+me reports provide. Plus you kept it brief!

  5. We have identical mtdna

  6. I received my DNA results from The Genographic Project and my mother's Halogroup is L3E2B. I am excited.

  7. Tina Perry says:

    Thanks for sharing! Do you know who was white in you family?

  8. JoJo says:


  9. Midnight says:

    Hey, does the test tell you whether you like spicy foods and what are your traits? I'm just curious because only one person has ever done that part. The guy didn't tell what kinds of this they said he liked or didn't like. I heard some people don't like cilantro and that they can tell if you like spicy food. I'm just curious so if you could list some of your traits or just traits in general please.

  10. I want to meet someone that is: L3e2b to be white

  11. Hello, my haplo group is the L3E2B…..I am 85% Sub Saharan, 7% South African, 4% Mediterranean and 2% Southwest Asian and 1.2% Neanderthal….I received my information from the National Geograpic Geno 2.0 Project and from Ancesty.com. I have been searching for people with my same DNA for sometime now. I have concluded that my maternal ancestors were from Kenya and possibly of the Luhya tribe. I have to get my paternal uncle to take the test to get the information about my paternal ancestors. I started my search after a doctor wanted to know where my family originated from because of the results of a blood test he ran on me and my son. We have a blood condition called thalassemia, which apparently is only found in people of upper African and Mediterranean descent.

  12. Hey! Why am I just seeing this? I enjoyed my results too! I am more African than you! Lol. Cool! 🙂

  13. +BRKS627 Yes, both parents can be tested. Here is an explanation from the 23andMe wesbite "Since women have two X chromosomes instead of an X and a Y, the 23andMe Personal Genome Service does not directly provide paternal haplogroup assignments for women. The paternal haplogroup is traced through the Y chromosome, which women do not inherit.

    For females, if a male relative such as your father, brother, paternal uncle or paternal male cousin were to be genotyped then you would be able to infer your own paternal haplogroup information from his. If your brother were to provide a sample, you would learn your maternal haplogroup as well as your paternal haplogroup. However, if your father or father's brother were to provide a sample, you would learn your paternal haplogroup, but not your maternal haplogroup since he does not share your mother. If your biological father participates, you can link his paternal haplogroup to your profile so that it will appear on your own Paternal Line page.

    Haplogroups are one small part of your ancestry analysis. The 23andMe Personal Genome Service provides you with information from all branches of your family tree using your autosomal DNA."  https://www.23andme.com/ancestry/

  14. BRKS627 says:

    23andme dna ancestry testing is on both parents?

  15. Amazing video! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  16. Your results look very Trinidadian and Tobago but all and all thats cool .

  17. Thanks!  That was very informative.

  18. great video, thanks for sharing :). I just got my results in and I'm still learning how to navigate the site.

  19. @1:04 rephrase it a little bit,  you know they don't actually give a breakdown as in West African country break down, just  an African split where they tell West African from Central and East African. 23andme had a thing a few months ago called "African Ancestry Project" where they were giving away kits to West African U.S. residents in order to try to break down the results for African Americans. Don't know when they will release the results or if it is comparable to the West African country breakdown that Ancestry.com's autosomal test has.

  20. Pretty Cool! I really want to get the Haplogroup test.. I know I did my autosomal but not the maternal or paternal ancestry haplogroup.

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