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African/Native American ancestry http://www.theroot.com/articles/history/2014/04/why_most_black_people_aren_t_part_indian.html

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  1. Angel Wig says:

    Yes you look biracial & beautiful. It's most likely the AFRICAN part allows you to look exotic?????

  2. It's $99 just for the ancestry test. $199 for the ancestry and health test.

  3. Great report. So far (waiting for my results) really like 23+me except that, unlike other companies I've used, it lumps Irish and English together. Not at all cool.

  4. Just got my results back! Thank you for sharing 🙂 you look puetro rican in my eyes. Very interesting

  5. Metis Boy says:

    Black people need to stop saying there native American because there not they were NEVER even around native americans at the time some white people are mixed with native american NOT black people

  6. DIYsected says:

    Lol 19.6 of British and Irish is nothing compared lol I'm freaking 64% lol

  7. wow, your results are somewhat like Vanessa Williams

  8. Marci HF says:

    I ordered a dna kit (maternal and paternal lineage) for my son. I cannot wait until it arrives and I see his results. I am Mexican American and have native and Spanish blood and maybe something else. His biological father is white American but not certain from what countries.

  9. Abe K says:

    Great results congratulations

  10. A lot of ppl don't think having a 1percent trace region as being significant but it is. Growing up my mother always told me my great great grandmother was Chinese. She lived a long life and my mother met when she was little. When I did my ancestry dna test I came back 1 percent east asian. It makes sense because this Dna is from 5 generations ago. The unique part of it is some of my Mom's siblings and their children look chinese after 4-5 generations. My mom looks Chinese also.

  11. Excellent review. Instill debating to do this.

    Is it true you get better results of s brother does it

  12. You look mixed Thats the only thing I see you as

  13. congrats, so happy you were able to find more of who you are and feel complete 🙂 I did my ancestry through anestrydna but I want to do 23andme next, I posted my ancestrydna results on my channel 🙂

  14. Thank you for sharing your results. I am waiting on my results, i think i might be 60 % african and 40% european but im not sure. I dont see anything wrong with being proud of your african roots and european roots….you wouldnt be the unique person you are if it wasnt for your mixture.

  15. wow seems like your mother has alot of African DNA for an African American, great video

  16. Some African Americans who say that they have a Native American ancestor may actually have one. Especially the ones with trace regions of even less than 1%. It is possible that the DNA was eventually cancelled out – that does not mean that the ancestor is no longer their ancestor. The DNA is just lost. If you have siblings, one may inherit DNA that you do not. That does not mean that they have an ancestor that you do not have; I am talking about 100% siblings. I myself was never told of having Native American ancestors and I did not receive even a trace region as expected. So if I was told by oral history and it showed as trace I would think it could still be possible.

  17. The database is contstantly updated so you might get some closer relatives appearing soon hopefully 🙂

  18. You can find out dna relatives on 23andme and track down cousins on your dads side.

  19. Try to find out as much information about your dad, so you can research him, so you can find his birth certificate, and more.

  20. Congrats!!! Im currently awaiting my results. Your results were awesome!! Wish you could have been just as excited about your Sub-Saharan Africa results as you were for your European roots

  21. great!!!!:))) Do the Gedmatch thing to get more infos bout ur dna :)))

  22. mofresh87 says:

    Congrats…still waiting for mine to come out

  23. Great Result! You are referring to Dr. Henry Gates Jr. (Finding Your Roots and other Videos). He is absolutely right regarding the Native American Ancestry in African American. My Native American in North America:US (Alaska) and Canada and also Eastern Greenland is Aleut Eskimo and it can be traced through my European White Ancestry. I have no Cherokee in me! If you want to know your tribes of your 23andme DNA upload to gedmatch.com and for a more detailed analysis $39 DNA Tribes SNP.

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