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23andMe: DNA Relatives Overview

23andMe: DNA Relatives Overview

The 23andMe DNA Relatives tool helps you find people who share your DNA. We can identify thousands of genetic relatives for you based on shared genetic markers. From these connections, you can learn how closely you’re related, find relevant family locations and surnames, and see whether you’re likely to be connected on your mother’s side or your father’s side. Log in to discover your family story. www.23andMe.com.


34 thoughts on “23andMe: DNA Relatives Overview

  1. it says JUNE update and it's MAY! I KNOW the EUROPEAN CHANGES to PRIVACY has messed u;p ALL the sites with NEW PRIVACY regulations but this one is NUTS! I have to go back to the other sites for contact and this cost too much! the guy with the class action suit has the right idea!

  2. My son sent his dna to 23 and me. He bought this for me and it does not show him as my son and I know he is. How accurate can this be?

  3. Just wrote to my first noted DNA relative. 'Letter' has been rolling on 'send' for 5 minutes now and still no 'sent'. Is it always this slow?

  4. Just now I found my grandfather real name. How I can Edit the wrong name so I can write the correct name

  5. It Appears I wasted my money. – Does Ancestry.com do any better?

  6. What NYBestFan said – I bought this to see if I could find relatives, not answer endless questions.
    You say we can find them via 23 and Me HOW/

  7. DameBarb says:

    Very unhappy with finding my family, each of whom have sent an invite, which I did. Got mine, but still can't compare what I can't see. Not user friendly at all!

  8. My father and only brother are dead

  9. I am not happy that my family tree was added to without these people being tested as DNA matches to me. I felt that is what separated 23ndMe from the others. Now it looks like any one can link on to your tree without your knowledge. I am disappointed. The rest is great!

  10. Joan Lund says:

    Site not user friendly. Want to change email address, so far unable to do so. Can get to profile but nothing else.

  11. What happened to the relatives' map? Please restore it – I don't like the new website at all because it is really difficult to navigate.

  12. Can someone explain why "strength of the relationship" differs from "% of shared DNA"?

  13. I don't show my niece on my relative list.

  14. tubertwee says:

    After all these complaints, this company does nothing!!!! That says it all. And who the heck is reciting this???? Someone they grabbed off the street, I'd guess. Sounds like a chipmunk!

  15. This site is a mess!!!!
    No way to view my DNA relatives.

  16. Maggie says:

    Wish this woman would go slower and talk slower

  17. Joe Smaltz says:

    She said log in, Where?  this is not user friendly.

  18. Joe Smaltz says:

    loose the music. Talk slower!

  19. A user says:

    I can't really get anything out of this, talks way to fast, doesn't tell how to really interpret the data, useless.

  20. Yes, the recording is not user friendly. Can't understand and cannot follow her directions.

  21. this company is bogus and i have been a member and sent my swab in 10yrs AGO AND THEY HAVE ME S A DEMO PROFILE INSTEAD OF ME

  22. I have a letter awaiting me in the messages box, but it does not click through to the person who wrote. It's from a woman related to my birth mother's mother, a woman who had an out-of-wedlock child and, 21 years later, had me. My mother saw her birth mother once when she was 55, but the birth mother's husband was still jealous of the out-of-wedlock birth and ran my parents off with a shotgun when they came to visit,after spending a tidy sum to unlock the heretofore sealed records of my mother's adoption. Kinda disappointing not to be able to read that letter.

  23. Need to re record. She's not understandable.

  24. jmf reiss says:

    The person was talking too fast and the comparisons went by too quickly. I wish I could have slowed her down so I could "digest" the details. The new site is so complex that a more in-depth and slower intro is definitely needed. I have been a member of 23andMe for many years and never had any problem understanding and using the features. I will not access this site very often. Hopefully, many of my DNA Relatives will send their results to GEDmatch so I can compare my connections there. I used Countries of Ancestry with every person on my list. Now, that incredibly valuable tool is no longer there. From the cavalier attitude that 23andMe is exhibiting, I get the idea that they are mostly interested in our health and not on helping us connect with our DNA relatives. One very annoying part is the page where you enter your ancestors names. None of mine are available to join 23andMe. It is also more difficult to determine whether a person connects only to me or also to my son. That was easy to discover with the originial Family Inheritance: Advanced, where I could quickly go to that site and compare five people to the one. If it's on the new site, I have not found how to access that feature.

  25. W Freeman says:

    Lose the music. The speaker is talking too fast. Speaking slower and more distinctly will help viewers to understand what is being offered. Otherwise, what is the point of doing a video to explain something as complex as these reports are? Whoever commissioned and approved this series needs to have his/her bonus withheld. What could have been informative has instead been reduced to a farce. I know that at 23andMe genetic genealogy is the poor, red-headed step child and gets short shrift generally and this poorly done explanation of new features proves my point. Not professional grade, 23andMe. Not professional grade.

  26. Annoying voice-over and unnecessary music is distracting. It sounds like a child is attempting to explain the new format to other children. Or a kindergarden teacher talking to a group of toddlers. I would have appreciated it if they treat us, tell us and describe to us in a little less perky style. I've been a member here for 10 years. I think I can handle an adult to adult session.

  27. It has been fun to see how much DNA I share with a niece. I share less with her brother however. It is all a lottery, yes?

  28. My ancestors came to Puerto Rico from Spain at a time when Spain was full of Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs as well as northern europeans, and northern africans. How can you make a determination if you don't have a dna gene bank from those kinds?

  29. I had the same experience with the "403" page. I am very disappointed. It is even more disappointing that there is nobody to talk to. I gather this was once a useful site, but I can't see why I haven't just wasted my money.

  30. I received an email stating that another user wanted to share ancestry information. When I try to open 'View Request', I get a 403 error 'access forbidden'. I cannot find anyway to get help to resolve this problem. So far, I have to agree with those saying this is a terrible site. The ancestry reports are of little interest.

  31. I have two first-cousins who show up on DNA Relatives, but when I switch over from People to the DNA side, my one first cousin disappears. Why? I can't compare her DNA to mine, yet her sister is available.

  32. I am unable to connect with family members who have recently received their results. They are able to view my results, but I cannot find them, not by name search, not even with an e-mail address search.

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