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19 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Reveal!

  1. How long did it take for you to get your results it’s been a week since they receive my sample

  2. I would guess 50% European, 30-40% Native American, 14-10% African

  3. it's most likely that the east asian is related to your native american dna.

  4. Bro you are biracial

  5. ARIEL G says:

    Awww great results. I'm dating a guy from your country and was curious as to what his background was nice to know???you guys actually look the same lol.

  6. No F3ar says:

    when are u gonna do the ancestry.com and gedmatch??

  7. Blue Azul says:

    If your parents are from El Salvador and your moms from the center…then you have Pipil Native American blood, and since your dads from the east, you have Lenca Native American blood, half and half on your indigenous side

  8. You're really close to be a 50/50 mestizo. nice results. check out mine when you have time.

  9. That's awesome! We're very similar haha. Your family is definitely Spanish, i would say from the southern part, or western like Extremadura. You've the native Iberian like (basque) have the North African moor, the Italian roman, ashkenazi Jew and since you didn't have significant traces of Celtic, it probably means the southwest part. What part of El Salvador are your parents?

  10. qolspony says:

    He was really excited by the high European. LOL Typical Sub Sahara Index for this part of the world. But 23andMe DNA is on point with the Native and European.

  11. Ian Newton says:

    Okay I'll guess.
    40% Iberian
    20% Native American
    10% Sub-Saharan African
    5% North African
    15% Europe West

  12. Ian Newton says:

    These are my DNA results according to Ancestry.

    35% Irish
    23% European West (mostly German)
    10% Great Britain
    7% Scandinavian
    7% Iberian (Spain and Portugal)

    2% Middle Eastern
    1% Africa North
    1% Senegal
    1% Southeastern Bantu (mostly or entirely Kenyan.)
    1% Asia South

  13. Im 1/2 Filipino + 1/2 Belizean. 51.1% Southeast Asian, 9.3 Native American, 28.9% West African, 8.8 European = (5.4-Southern)(2.1- Northwestern). Im gonna do Ancestry next too

  14. Sapa Inti says:

    i knew you would be around 40% native american. Im ecuadorian my grandpa is 42% native american

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