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  1. plsegott says:

    No Israeli have the right to live on official palestinian land. Killing Israeli settlers is self-defence of one's own property. They are racist scum who think they are entitled to things because of their ethnicity. You're a racist if you support Israels occupation.

  2. You seem like a wonderful person. You definitely deserve more respect than what some of these individuals have given you here. On the other hand, there are also some cool people here that respect you. Before there ever was a Palestine…it was Israel. The Jews finally reclaimed their Homeland. If there was no Isreal, people would just make up other reasons to hate Jews. Forget the bums who cannot accept that Isreal is here to stay. I agree with you.

  3. 444suse says:

    You are 4 times more German than average German living in Germany.

  4. You look like Quince Jones daughter

  5. Europeans now a days have to say they looove Israel or else the masters get angry

  6. have you uploaded your Raw DNA to GEDmatch, My Heritage, Wegene, DNALand… for more results? If not do it. It's free.

  7. Sara P says:

    What’s the point of throwing in “I’ve always been a big Israel supporter” on a video about ancestry? Completely absurd to throw in your political opinions on a video like this. Not cool at all..

  8. McArio1 says:

    you look so latina

  9. Taz Wild says:

    "south europe is iberian peninsula basically" 3:253:32
    she is so bad at this…

  10. I was reading your comments and you sound very rude and snobbish.. I know you owe nothing to anyone.. Being a little humble helps you expand on YouTube.. Just an observation and suggestion.. I hope I don't get another snooty comment for this..

  11. just block all the anti-Semites that came out of the woodwork… and report them…I know I will…:)

  12. Love Israel, been to Israel twice, great place! Love the food too 🙂 If I had the money i'd go back again 🙂

  13. Wim V says:

    Anti Semitism is a serious mental sickness…better go to see a doctor if you are one of those "Anti-Zionists" (= racists haters)…  who  spill their  filth here on you tube…   sad people..

  14. Simeon BK says:

    Wow, the "anti-Zionist" comments on here are great evidence that you guys are pathetic, desperate bigots. An ancestry video where the person supports Israel and actually understands genetics, which she briefly mentions, and you guys spam the video like sociopaths. Ashkenazi Jews are not "fake Jews," and all genetic tests show this is nonsense. The Y haplogroups are consistent with other Levantine populations (40% J1 and J2, 20% E1b1, 10% G, and about 20% R1a and R1b). The maternal ancestry is mostly from Europe. The Khazar theory is, at best, minimally true… they contributed some ancestry, but it's a small minority (20% at the absolute most). And your blood libels against Israel are pretty pathetic…

  15. Love from israel, you do seem a little bit jewish 🙂 maybe they missed the good heart gene!

  16. Jared P says:

    Love Israel! I'm waiting on my 23andme results, been told my whole life I'm polish. I have a feeling it will be a lot less like you.

  17. WRONG, there are 3 human main races and within them there are sub-groups/ethniceties. every basic bitch biologist or medic could tell you that, because they need to know that when they have to do some kind of transplantation. you are ignorant and probably a SJW.

  18. Cosmo B. says:

    I also have warm undertones and am generally quite a bit darker than other white people I know! I always felt like I've stood out because of constant questions like 'what type of native are you?' or 'are you Egyptian?' ? My DNA test came out 99,9% european, 78.3% of which is Northwestern European (21.5% German/French, 13.2% British, 5% Scandinavian, and 38.5% Broadly Northwestern European, which I predict is mostly of Scandinavian, German and French ancestry in order), 7.9% Eastern European, 5% Southern European, 6.5% Broadly European, and 2.3% Ashkenazi. I found our DNA results to be similar and we also look alike which is interesting! I enjoyed your video ☺

  19. You've probably found this out by now but Yakut is basically a Siberian (Russian?) tribe of Indians. I believe I've also heard of them possibly migrating to Alaska, but not sure.

  20. That smile though. So cute!

  21. Daisy Wong says:

    the yakut and asian you got from the polish side for sure. read about the huns and the tatar invasions into poland and lithuania. attila the huns.

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