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23andMe DNA Test Results and Review

23andMe DNA Test Results and Review

After about 6-weeks I received my final DNA test results and more than 60+ reports that could be reviewed. Reports included everything from ancestry to genetic disorder variant detection. I’m happy to share my DNA report with you in this review of 23andMe





9 thoughts on “23andMe DNA Test Results and Review

  1. handpuppe says:

    Thank you for sharing! I was wondering what to expect when ordering a kit.

  2. Also, for those of you who have already found out about your genetic mutations. I invite all of you to send me your raw data, or send me a lsit of your offending SNP's (mutations,polymorphisms). Genetic mutations, I believe, are the missing puzzle pieces as to why many people have symptoms that doctors cannot pin-point. Genetic testing is allowing us to personalize treatment to every person. We are all different. There is a reason why some people get better on certain medications, while others seem to stay sick and experience side-effects. With interpreting genetic results and addressing them, there isn't a one size fits all treatment plan. This is why it is important that whoever recommends supplements/treatments gives you a thorough health history questionnaire before recommending anything, as there are different forms of supplements that must be tailored to you. I found out that my family memebrs and I had many genetic polymorphisms. This drove me to take classes in genetics. I am certified in methylation and clinical nutrigenomics, and have plenty of experience helping people address their relevant SNP's. Feel free to contact me at elevatedhealthsolutions@gmail.com or go to my website and look at "interpreting genetic test results." http://www.elevatedhealthsolutions.com

    I wish you all the best


  3. You can also go to http://www.geneticgenie.org and put in your raw data that you download from the 23andMe site. This will generate a free report for you that let's you know which genetic mutations you have. Getting to know your genetic polymorphisms/mutations can really help you figure out why you might have symptoms like headaches, pain, fatigue, and other symptoms that traditional medicine can't always find a cause for.

  4. 415City says:

    my results are so slow they even apologised, smfh

  5. Megan B says:

    Thanks for the informative video, it was very helpful 🙂

  6. jjgal223 says:

    thanks for this review, I was already planning on getting it but this really helped informing me

  7. F Leon says:

    I'm from Puerto Rico..:)

  8. F Leon says:

    congrats on your results. …Great info…I got 31%italy..22%spain…17%native…and trace regions got 2% jewish…Africa20%

  9. Di Dxpeo says:

    so far the 23andme videos I watched , most of you white ppl are so pure blooded European , but so hard to find 1 pure blooded black , lol .

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