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23andme DNA Test Results | What am I ?

23andme DNA Test Results | What am I ?

Born in Morelos, Mexico. I expected to be Native American and European. What I found on my 23andme results was a bit shocking!

23andme DNA Test Results | What am I ?
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33 thoughts on “23andme DNA Test Results | What am I ?

  1. g says:

    you look 50% South Indian and 50% Persian or Arab. i know a girl from Trinidad $ Tobago who looks like you.

  2. Sub-Saharan DNA makes you an Israelite from the tribe of issachar

  3. SniperSam says:

    I think later there is an update to pin point ancestry. But goes to show where we all come from can be traced to Africa? Adam and Eve?

  4. Wow, I think u look more like a Spanish gypsie than native American wow, crazy

  5. Your voice is so soothing I like it. Hmm should I subscribe? ?

  6. This is so so cool!! What was the most surprising?

  7. I boricuas from P.R. and am 25% east Asian! Just about All of my last names are Sephardic Jews. However people think I am French Irish, what????

  8. This is really interesting Yuli, Konnichiwa haha

  9. @Yuli Armstrong,

    I am Mexican, too. I got a much higher European percentage of 60%, 2% Middle eastern and 31% Native-American, 1.9% Black, and 5.1% Eastern Asian. I seriously don't see any Native-American ancestry (traits) in you. 57.6% is way too high for you to look the way you do! You definitely look Middle-Eastern from Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Iran. It's really interesting how DNA works. It's very likely that your genetic makeup used DNA mostly from the European side (35.4%) in terms of your phenotype, skin tone, and eye shape.

  10. This is awesome!
    I would love to do this one day. I'm so curious.

  11. Ashkenazi Jewish sometimes come up incorrectly for Sephardic Jews. If your family has roots in Spain it's more likely your Jewish heritage is Sephardic

  12. I’m not a YouTube mom, lol. But I would have never guessed East Asian! Thanks for posting this 🙂 you’re a very interesting and unexpected mix.

  13. I have 2 lil ones (aged 5months and 2years old) n sometimes they drive me crazy. But that's motherhood ??

  14. Where did u go to get it done ?

  15. Wow I need to do that too !!!! Nice video ☺?

  16. Torres Tv says:

    That's awesome! I should really do one of these tests… I always have random people come up to me and speak Tagalog… I have people ask if I'm Cuban… someone once asked if I was related to the rapper/actor Common… Lol and even asked if I was Jamaican. My grandmother confirmed African/Cuban on her side….

    I'm actually from Jalisco lol

  17. John Simms says:

    Anne Frank and Albert Einstein were Ashkenazi Jewish.

  18. We're 0.3% related ? and that's good enough for me. Off to a great start. Definitely a great way to get the audience to warm up to who you are. And what better way than to share your ethnicity. Looking forward to more friend ?

  19. Really like how this turned out! Just came over from the TubeBuddy live stream, keep it up!

  20. I loved your video! Would you want to do a sub for sub? 🙂

  21. Awesome! Follow up vid: tell us about all the other stuff those tests tell you like 'how likely you are to be addicted to caffeine' lol

  22. You should also try Ancestry Dna, it's more accurate. It doesn't leave anything unassigned, plus provides you with Dna matches and your genetic communities.

  23. You have a face! Haha, just kidding. Great vid.

  24. lol Yuli! I love your I'm awkward mug…that's the best! Isn't that amazing that you already had an "obsession" with Japan…deep down you had a "knowing". I'm a YouTube Mommy too…I'm looking forward to more of your videos xo

  25. Andrew Kan says:

    Came from the nick live stream! This was a lot of fun to learn about and see more about you 🙂 Great Thumbnail here!

  26. Syn says:

    ? interesting. Explains a lot.

  27. Love it!! Ur the best!! So does the test even say what u really are then ?

  28. ? love it I knew there had to be some middle eastern in you!

  29. This is awesome. I love it

  30. Loved this sooooo much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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