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9 thoughts on “23andme DNA Testing

  1. me too i am much like you in so much things everytime i was taking it i was thinking becooming crazy.

  2. CastleMama says:

    @fructmals How do you know if you state is storing your DNA?

  3. CastleMama says:

    @silentjealousy77 What do you mean the gov has access to my blood sample? I don't know this to be so. I am afraid of "death panels."

  4. CastleMama says:

    How do you know that the company you used does not sell your info to third parties?

  5. I thought everyone got asparagus pee! lol. Very interesting video.

  6. Ataralas says:

    23andme will probably be having a sale on April 15th (DNA Day). If they do I plan on upgrading to the V3 platform.

  7. im just wondering, but have you ever smoked weed? it helps alot with pain

  8. Some people they believe have whatever causes my illness but don't get sick, and pass it on to someone who does get sick, but they aren't sure, but it makes sense.

  9. G-Money says:

    Neat, I might actually do this. However, at the price they're offering now, you need a mandatory monthly subscription. I can't seem to find information about how long it is for though.

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