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23andME Experience and results 2015

23andME Experience and results 2015

Get to know us here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5TjS1dpM3A

Welcome to our channel, Travelers!! We are family vloggers : Hans, Jessica, and our son Alyster from Portland, Oregon. Subscribe and stay for awhile. We appreciate each and everyone one of you who watch our videos, interact with us and share this time with us. I believe this is EXACTLY where we are supposed to be in life. We have lots of fun, we have lots of hard times but mostly we have lots of love to share.

Catch up on our vlogs : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGQoFWDaM-I&list=PLDvbGbCslLSJMxhf48qhm5jYEHGiim3FW

Our current schedule :
VLOGS : Monday-Friday
Extra videos (Challenges,reviews,DIY, Toy, ETC): Sat-Sun

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(Jessica)https://instagram.com/alysters_travels/ (Hans)https://instagram.com/_hansyolo/


Music by : Hans Huffman (Unless otherwise stated)
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You can contact us here for business inquiries, questions about collabs or anything youtube related : AlystersTravels@Gmail.com

How old is Alyster? He will be 4 Nov 2015
What camera do you use? Canon G7X
What do you use to edit? Imovie


35 thoughts on “23andME Experience and results 2015

  1. Europa Man says:

    She's more Neanderthal than African. Neanderthal = good.

  2. Europa Man says:

    You're a White European. Congratulations!

  3. So you still have black in you i can look at your eyes and tell you have African in you

  4. Alex yu says:

    eastern european? means you got soviet blood? whos got soviet ancestry?

  5. Anything below 5% is too low to be taken seriously. Could very well be statistical noise.

  6. BeatzX says:

    you couldve looked at the footage for the bar code

  7. love you so much. you are a beautiful person, thank you for your kindness and uploading the video.

  8. Mr. Mojo says:

    16 hours later I had my results… '-'

  9. Does the results separate the father side and the mother side or they are all mixed.
    Like : the father is British and the mother is german ?

  10. Zakari says:

    God damn your eyes are so fucking close!!!

  11. Pepinus says:

    3:49 thats Jewish


  12. You look like the female mouse from Flushed Away

  13. Hi, you didn't show us your maternal haplogroup DNA ?

  14. C.J Power says:

    How can anyone trust this thing ?

  15. I looked it up and the only thing coming up is ancestry stuff 99$ nothing about 108$ and it says another package has everything for 199$! what is this??!!

  16. PR 380 says:

    I don't like those very small percentages.  They are so small that they could've appeared by chance.

  17. As of November, 2016, for me, the price was $108 and change.

  18. ashkenazi is jewish.

  19. reggiereg says:

    The .2 percent African thing didn't throw her off at all.

  20. Michael says:

    You're african…

  21. That is cool and if I ever get any extra money Then I would love to do this!!

  22. Dan D says:

    You look so good with makeup

  23. Price is now $99 for just ancestry if you want the health stuff its $200. Which is reasonable. And by offering just the ancestry at $99 they compete with the other companies.

  24. i just ordered mine for 30 on target

  25. It's frustrating that they say 'British' and don't break it down to Scottish, Welsh or English.

  26. Mr. A says:

    why she get all sad when it read 2% African?

  27. Do you have to pay extra for them to inform you of genetic diseases you may pass to children? If not, is it easy to read and understand?

  28. They raised their price tremendously. Wtf, $108 to $199!

  29. How long does it take to get them to stop analyzing and start doing the work

  30. Moana says:

    So you found out you were white again? Interesting.

  31. moorek1967 says:

    Need to update, the price is now $199

  32. did you say broccoli european?

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