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23andMe FAQ: What can women learn from 23andMe?

23andMe FAQ: What can women learn from 23andMe?

At 23andMe, one of the major concerns we hear from women is that they won’t learn anything about their father’s ancestry. As Josie explains in this video, the analysis that we perform is the same for both men and women, and uses DNA they receive from both parents. In fact, the majority of our features are based on “autosomal” DNA, which is inherited in the same way by everyone.

Still have questions? Find more information here: http://23me.co/20TXcZ.


4 thoughts on “23andMe FAQ: What can women learn from 23andMe?

  1. collect everyones dna for a super data base for the new world order. you got to be a moron to give your dna out like that

  2. Tell me something I don't know

  3. Tim Kelley says:

    The service no longer provides a Personal Genome Service that includes a
    health report addressing disease risks! What a huge disappointment.
    This was the whole reason my health care practitioner recommended this
    service. The information provided is merely for party tricks rather
    than useful data. Are you looking to see what diseases you might be
    predisposed towards? If so, 23 and Me will be of no help. Save your
    money until they resume offering these reports. Oh, and just 2-3 days
    after they receive your spit, you will not be able to get a refund – not
    even a partial one!

  4. CV says:

    Dunno, what can men learn from it? Oh wait; there's no white men, u know the ones who do all the real work in any of their TV commercials.

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