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23andMe FAQ: What is a haplogroup?

23andMe FAQ: What is a haplogroup?

In this video, 23andMe customer care rep, Eleni explains haplogroups, including how, through 23andMe’s haplogroup features, you can trace your direct maternal or paternal line back thousands of years. Learn more about haplogroups here: http://23me.co/zgkt3p.


15 thoughts on “23andMe FAQ: What is a haplogroup?

  1. R1a represent from Iran!

  2. :] says:

    Anyone else get "666" as their Haplogroup?


  4. Simple clear explanation, just what I needed, thanks! 🙂

  5. haplogroup is section of your Y chromosome…. (the chromosome that comes from the father) … that is 'haploid' …which means, that this chromosome does not recombine (over large areas) like the autosomes

  6. wadi gaji says:

    I wanna be her husband so her children have my haplogroup. Have a nice day .

  7. Too much background music spoiling the overall content intended to be delivered by video

  8. What company would pick a woman with a bullring in her nose to represent it? Seriously.

  9. She is pretty with beautiful hair

  10. guess you got your DNA from women in Africa….

  11. Can Eleni tell us her haplogroup? lol

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