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23andMe FAQ: What is Neanderthal DNA?

23andMe FAQ: What is Neanderthal DNA?

23andMe’s Neanderthal Ancestry report provides information about how much of your ancestry can be traced back to the Neanderthals. In this video, customer care rep, Josie explains the 23andMe Neanderthal Ancestry report and how you can find out the amount of Neanderthal DNA you inherited.

You can learn more about the 23andMe Neanderthal Ancestry report here: http://23me.co/aaiMP3


17 thoughts on “23andMe FAQ: What is Neanderthal DNA?

  1. Your videos suck, hit someone up for proper quality.

  2. Isaac X says:

    That’s so cool! ?

  3. Alive79311 says:

    There were no Neanderthal’s in Africa

  4. I dont know how to read it! it just says I have this many variants… is that it?

  5. Gallagator says:

    I have 97% more Neanderthal in me than all other customers. Well shit.

  6. I got a lot of info, but did not have the ANSWER to my question.

  7. Cathy Lane says:

    I wish that I could afford to do this one. I did ancestry.com, and my results were 99% European with 0.5% Central Asia and 0.5% South Asia…. Added my results to MyHeritage… 100% European, (0% English!) I played with the GEDMatch calculator… they give me 0% Neanderthal and 0% Denisova. I don't seem to be possible.. lol. Wish I could use 23andme to see what it would say because according to all sources…. this is only possible if I'm 100% African. Confused.

  8. we do NOT all contain neanderthal DNA… people of African descent who's ancestors did not breed with people out of Africa have ZERO neanderthal DNA as the breeding with neanderthals took place OUTSIDE of africa… therefore not only do we NOT all have neanderthal DNA it also means not all of us are homo sapien sapiens… when two species breed the offspring is neither of the parent species but a hybrid…

  9. EzyGlider says:

    Mine was actually more Neanderthal variants that 99% of the database, and my heritage is 99.7% European.  So the earlier comment does make sense regarding European ancestry, but I am also 6'1" tall, with light hair and green eyes, and zero body hair on my back, so I agree it almost seems like the more Neanderthal variants that you have the less you physically appear to have the traits.  What I do not understand is if the supposed Neanderthals were intermingling with modern day humans, what would explain scientifically how they went entirely extinct but modern day humans did not, and in fact thrived?

  10. amcaff says:

    according to my report, I have more neanderthal dna than 97% of users. I have mostly Northwestern European ancestry, so I was expecting to have a fair amount of neanderthal dna, but I was still a bit surprised exactly how high it was given my slender build, large and flat forehead, no prominent eyebrow ridge, and lack of other obvious features. apparently i had a neanderthal dna variant that is associated with a lack of back hair. I definitely don't have any back hair, even though I'm a guy, but it's kind of funny given that people typically think of neanderthals as being more hairy.

  11. John Dowd says:

    mine was 3.9 neanderthal….wondered why i drag my knuckles…lmao…clowns there is no Neanderthals….

  12. What is Neanderthal DNA: The 1 to 4% referred to in this video is ANCESTRAL DNA. For example, my child has 50% ancestral DNA to me. My child has 25% ancestral DNA to my parents. But ALL Homo sapiens sapiens (even those in S Africa) share 99.7% DNA (relationship DNA) with Neanderthal just like all sapiens share 98.7% with chimps. But we don't share ancestral DNA with chimps. Only a common ancestor. (Relationship DNA of all humans-any one human to another- is 99.99%) And, if that is not confusing enough, even though one person may have 1 to 4% ancestral DNA, the amount floating around in all humans equals about 70% of the Neanderthal genome since my 1 to 4% may be different than your 1 to 4 %. For example, if my 2.5% Neanderthal ancestral DNA affects my skin and my wife's 2.5% Neanderthal ancestral DNA affects her immune system, my daughter might inherit 2% ancestral Neanderthal from me and only .5% from my wife or vice versa. Or my daughter might inherit 3% Neanderthal or none at all. The Otzi 'iceman' had a higher % of ancestral DNA than most: about 5.5%. Maybe because he was closer to the source?

  13. rajarr70 says:

    if ur icelandic , u probably got more than 4% neanderthal in you, their the most homogeneous european people. Theyve retained most of their genetic heritage/composition.

  14. ALL of us Homo sapiens sapiens (the species) are 99.7% identical to Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (the species). But all people alive today whose ancestors left Africa 60,000 years ago also have Neanderthal ancestors. This means these people have 1-4% ancestral DNA. (Example:My daughter has 50% of my ancestral DNA). So far, none of this Neanderthal DNA in humans has been found to be in the Mitochondria DNA or the y-chromosome. But the total amount of ancestral DNA found in ALL descendants of humans who left Africa 60,000 years ago, equals about 70% of the Neanderthal genome. While some humans were mixing with Neanderthals, Africans mixed with other species of humans in Africa. Recently, a tribe was found to contain members with an ancient y-chromosome dating back over 300,000 years.

  15. Redifinition of the Neanderthal! "our ancestors" who is "our" "Walked with us" who is "us" From what I understand my ancestors were Homo Erectus Africanus (human!) and they out bred and mixed with Neanderthal. So what is this half human half cavewoman hybrid taking about? more lies from the beasts!

  16. Z S says:

    I inherited 2.4% Neanderthal DNA apparently.

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