These are my 23andMe Ancestry DNA results full break down. Gotta say, Im lovin it. #hebrew #hebrewess #israelite


28 thoughts on “23andMe Full ANCESTRY DNA RESULTS – “AFRICAN AMERICAN”

  1. I'd take traces of East African Kenya or Uganda over traces of neanderthal any day.

  2. Lol..everybody loves those light skinned Southerners huh, don't worry we Southerners will claim you…well since we consider ourselves related to each other anyways…Swazi myself and very light skin unfortunately 🙂 but can claim all the Southern subgroups if I want to, so welcome to the family 🙂

  3. Great video and you're correct, the L3b is the female version of E1b1a. Fantastic! I did mine on Ancestry and family tree, had to make sure the wool wasn't pulled. What I like about Ancestry is they break down the regions like I'm 87% African with Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and SA, with smaller amts of Mali and Senegal. I'm proud?. My grandchildren tested High in SA XHOSA AND ZULU plus Nigeria! They are already learning the Xhosa "clicks"! Congratulations to you my Bantu Sister!

  4. king louie says:

    like ya video s future wifey

  5. You're ancestors are from northern Africa.

  6. Let me help you out. The people in west Africa are not native to Africa. They migrated to west Africa from the middle East. They are the real Jews of the bible. Check this documentary out, it will give you more clarity: "True identity of the so called negro part 4"

  7. fi stla says:

    Those "copper colored" people are native american, not blacks. Go to South America and Mexico and you will literally see millions of people who have "copper colored" skin. Copper color refers to the rich reddish tone of their skin, hence the term Cleveland Red Indians, Stop trying to claim something you're not. These are NOT black people. Get your facts straight.

  8. You are definitely a Xhosa woman, visit Namibia, South Africa, the women there look like you. That's your home, you didn't need all this DNA testing to know that my sister, we know our own

  9. jazzy love says:

    I found his name; Bomani Tyehimba. That the guy I was talking about the repartition to Ghana. I also just came back from Washington D.C. and I saw a black museum down there that just got built but you have to make reservation for it. I definitely feel you should go down there and to check that out; it got some of our history there inventions, sports, music, and list goes on. Also, I'm part of the Gullah/ Geechee people of South Caroline and you should go to to Charleston South Carolina to the museum there as well that my family built.

  10. Congratulations Achoti I rejoice with you on your results showing your Hebrew results I'm considered a light skin Black so I was nervous at first but this gave me confidence to do it Shalam my Hebrewess Queen Sister

  11. I'm confused how ur dna say you African and a lil European but you are a Hebrew just asking

  12. Great video. Very informative. I am a 64 y/o African American Senior. Thanks for sharing. I bought the 23andMe Ancestry DNA and will be sending in my sample soon. Soo… excited.

  13. K G says:

    I am glad that you know that you are of the direct linage of Yahshua!

  14. FYI:…12:49………Many like to say that the "kingdom of judah " was in Nigeria……….Not Correct because it wasn't…!????

  15. watching from Australia.. interesting to see African American people being so mixed race

  16. jazzy love says:

    The is no middle east. The Europeans are trying to confuse us. Middle east is in Northeast Africa. Africa is the real promise land. Love your results; I enjoy your video! ?

  17. ooops never mind , it was southern Africa right ?…no East African 🙁

  18. I think you could pass for a kenyan too, especially kikuyu , Ameru or Embu

  19. 88% sub-saharan wohoooo !!! i knew you was our peeps from the get go! ……. Kenya claims miss joanna Jones …lol……..

  20. yaaaaaay !!!!! loce love the dashiki head wrap ! gorgeous empress!!

  21. Hello, thanks for sharing! I got my results in April. Im L1b1a, and trying to connect with Our Sisters! We are the People of the Truth!

  22. riyyah D says:

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  23. shalawam sis, I need to do mine too

  24. Poi Uu says:

    Great my queen. Coming from an African american

  25. yes another African sister ???

  26. Great results. I get what you mean about not having tons of friends and not relating to others. I made a video about Various African Attire and their meanings. I also focused on Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa. Have you heard of queen Amina?

  27. shalom sis great video! !!!!!

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