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47 thoughts on “23andme Genetic Testing: a one year followup

  1. cool….I also did a video about this!

  2. Jorn Soer says:

    They should never ask you to fill in extra information. If they do, it means they are scammers.
    They do NOT need extra info to trace general ancestry. Healthwise it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict ANYTHING with your DNA, mostly your health is determined by outside factors

  3. Bobbyj438 says:

    did not give them full profile guess what? they gave me very general ancestry profile.

  4. Al Smith says:

    Some good constructive criticism.

  5. Its hard to classify her.

  6. Women don't have as much reason to research paternal family trees… You don't pass on your father's Y chromosome, or even inherit it.
    For us, paternal family trees both are, and are not our family in that sense, do you know what I mean?
    You should focus on the maternal first, then play around with the other later for fun. :p

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  8. mik3war1 says:

    Hmm nerdy and cute, dangerous combo. 

  9. You have some great thoughts and present them quite well, although I think if you spoke a little slower and wrote an outline of the subjects of your talk and the sequence you want to present them ahead of creating the podcast it would flow even better.

  10. I just saw a 23 and Me commercial, so they must be doing pretty well financially..

  11. M Taylor says:

    take an economics course and research methods and you will be good to go.

  12. Jack says:

    Whoa, calm down dude. Its only life. You don't get through it alive.

  13. We are getting the 23 and me in jan 2014,how much of a NEANDERTHAL will we be???

  14. How does one account for all the Jews who were brought up on formula? Many run wallstreet, hollywood, the media, academia, it didn't affect them one iota. I'm for breastfeeding but these IQ factors are garbage, because environment virtually always trumps biology. You are what you choose to become, even in spite of what you were raised with or what you genetically predisposed to.

  15. I don't think the lack of breastfeeding affected your intelligence at all! You're very well spoken and well informed. I enjoy your videos!

  16. Yankee says:

    what a Fantastic video,,,thank you so much……=)

  17. john wert says:

    way to go girl keep up the good work. you look sweet

  18. Is it just me or is she blinking too much lol

  19. presouz says:

    99.00 bucks and special now if you buy more than one save 15 on each next one..

  20. great video … i learned a lot from it 🙂

  21. I like how you strive to be an intellectual being, you seemed to go on a tangent quite a few times but all in all nice review. thx

  22. What i liked about 23andme is that i could see how much my genes may have played a role in health issues i already have. your very smart. thanks for the review. enjoyed it.

  23. i've been a little uneasy lately about the piece on the news about these companies that were denied the possibility of patenting human genes, the supreme court voted 9-0 against this, but i have a feeling somebody is going to insist… my optimism is against me.
    I think the surveys could be used as data mining for a machine learning purpose to find statistical correlation and hint at causation between the dna data and reported answers to cosmo style questions and probably sway research.

  24. You look pretty. You should lose the little boy image and be feminine.

  25. baykomious says:

    Thanks for the info

  26. You paid for Google and other companies to be able to target market you. Why the fuck (?) would you voluntarily give your genetic information to a corporation? idealism?

  27. Smart and pretty? uuuuuuffff<3

  28. you sound like kristen bell

  29. I sent my test off last week… Im excited. I see u did ur test 2008.. Hopefully by this time (2013)… They are lil more advanced and accurate

  30. currently it includes ancestry and health (not sure what you mean by medical fields).

  31. really interested in the test. on the current version of their official page, they have links to health, ancestry and medical fields. As for the kit, does the report include all three or just one

  32. you try entirely too hard to play the "bull-dike, punk, tatted" role. You fancy yourself the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Are you even studying biology in school or is this video pretend-time like the rest of your life?

  33. lllogical says:

    hi do u think this test can give me answers in learning more about my gene dispositions and gene expression in relation to environmental factors. I have autoimmunity and would like to understand in detail about how my genes dictate my personal biological pathways so I can optimize my nutritional needs. Also I want to learn more about my athletic performance standing and if I possess the genes that code for fast twitch fibers and what percent of my fibers are convertible.

  34. zlyoga says:

    Not yet, but probably will with the price drop.

  35. sdemosi says:

    cool, did you pay to rerun your test on the latest chip?

  36. zlyoga says:

    They have the data in all cases and in the past they held onto the data and wouldn't give it to some people which is crazy since running the test is the expensive part. Doesn't matter now since they abandoned that model years ago. This review is old.

  37. sdemosi says:

    I liked the review, I'd hate this to be seen as criticising the review in general, which it's not as I agree with most of your points.

  38. sdemosi says:

    Why does it bother you that they won't give you all your data if you pay less? It's your choice to pay less and theirs to not provide you with that data. It's very clear what you're signing up for so the data being unavailable cannot be a surprise. Also, it doesn't arise now as they've dropped the price dramatically but you seem to be suggesting that they should simply give you all the data no matter what price you pay for the test. Why?

  39. willie liz says:

    its only 99 bucks now

  40. sdemosi says:

    You have beautiful eyes 🙂 Seriously though, you have to understand that a disease could be caused by interactions between multiple genes and the environment. All the test is saying is that your DNA doesn't have an obvious increased likelihood of getting a particular disease. Take diabetes and alcoholism. Someone could have a decreased risk for diabetes but an increased risk of alcoholism. Over time the latter will probably lead to the former, even though you thought you had less risk.

  41. Ever heard of the movie Gattaca?? Check it out, its basically the world you're talking about

  42. If you really want to KNOW that they are giving you valid data, you can start to learn about molecular biology and set up a molecular biology lab at home. Outsource primer synthesis and sequencing, and all you have to do is run PCR to amplify the SNP of interest, then send the PCR product out to be sequenced. Then you could verify their data.

  43. Amy Lane says:

    I'm 27 and am BRCA2 positive which means I'm genetically predisposed to having an 87% chance of getting breast cancer and a 50% chance of getting ovarian cancer. I haven't had cancer yet but have decided to get rid of these lady killers! I'm having my mastectomy in 26 days! I started a blog to track the process and you can read it by googling previvor generation. Hopefully I can help other women going through this process! 🙂

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