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23andMe Genetic Testing: My Experience

23andMe Genetic Testing: My Experience

With a history of certain cancers and diseases in my family, I very much stress early prevention and transparency with my doctor. However, in order to get early testing one usually requires proof of 2 blood family members who also had said health issues. Because my parents are both immigrants, its very difficult to get in touch with their family members.

My only choice seemed to be genetic testing. One of Google’s founders’ wife started a genetic testing company called 23andme (which google also invests in). Dispite the various privacy concerns, I still signed up and tried it. Check out my experience trying out the kit, share your experiences with me, and follow me through my journey.


42 thoughts on “23andMe Genetic Testing: My Experience

  1. luis72880 says:

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  2. John Min says:

    thinking of you and your family during these difficult days

  3. I'm considering doing it. Would you recommend it?

  4. But you didn't actually share anything, lol. Then asked people to share with you.

  5. AdstarAPAD says:

    Just an add for the company. You gave us no information either genetic or ancestral… Thumbs down. 

  6. Razear says:

    Is it true that they removed the subscription model from the product to a one time only thing? What does your genetic ancestry tell you?

  7. You just got scammed out of $100 for a horoscope reading

  8. bear b says:

    Thanks I saved my money by watching this video!

  9. Ben Jones says:

    You mustvevfound out your a little sub Saharan african lmao

  10. FDA Stops Sales At Gene-Scanning Firm 23andMe – check out my experience with the service [video]

  11. The NSA is gonna have a field trip with these

  12. 23andMe is awesome, I really like it, apparently I am supposed to live over 100 according to my results. I took all the quizzes and questions on it, and they took a long time, but they were fun. My only problem would be allergies and the propensity to sneeze at everything which is absolutely true. I have a higher risk than the rest of the population to develop prostrate cancer, and I have zero inherited conditions, which is weird

  13. Kilo Bravo says:

    I just got mine in the mail, gonna send it off tomorrow. :O

  14. thank you for the vid!

  15. C Lay says:

    Yeah me too… stop worrying about the big bad boogy man who COULD come and get you "POSSIBLY"… people who are this crazed about a "Potential" risk, are stagnant and unlikely to make great progress in their life cause you're too scared.. why even live, i mean an air plane could crash in to your house and kill you… risk risk risk im scared of life! ! !… THEY MIGHT PLANT MY DNA AT A CRIME SCENE FOR A GOVERNMENT COVERUP!!

  16. I want to make babies with you.

  17. howzaou812 says:

    Wow…You are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  18. Show me a case where any of the above has happened to someone. I rather know many disease risks and take the necessary measures needed for a healthy life.

  19. I did it. I thought I would have some fun for $99, so instead of spitting in it I shit in it.
    Came back I was related to George W Bush and his mothers milkman.

  20. this is why GINA is in act

  21. uthopik182 says:

    U r one gorgeous lady!

  22. Random10 says:

    ewww!! spit! >:(

  23. you can sign up under a fake name? that's good to know, i was considering taking the test too.

  24. Fred Byrd says:

    I'm seriously thinking about ordering it tomorrow, but if it's too vague…eh.
    Both my parents are mixed – African and European – and I would love to know specifics.

  25. wow, shes hot, want to mix genes with her, lol

  26. kendi18 says:

    Najpiekniejsze Polskie Dziewczyny:)

  27. So what is your HaploGroup ? Also What is your Blood Type ?

  28. V magna says:

    Can I have the blueprints to clone you? ………just creeped myself out. I meant just for looks maybe your personalitys not great. ….now I'm curious about my creepiness. I'm taking the test.

  29. sdemosi says:

    She clearly has the gorgeous gene. The value of 23andme is not so much looking a the results they provide, it's looking at the raw data and comparing with SNPPedia and ongoing research. The analysis the company provides is mostly statistical rather than assessments of one to one or one to many corrrelations between illnesses, traits and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.

  30. Do you know of free testing for males?

  31. cyberlucy says:

    I've found it interesting who I share DNA with. Connecting with people who share some DNA has given me a better understanding of my father's family and in talking with one person I actually got a history lesson, LOL.

  32. cyberlucy says:

    As an FYI there is a way to do this for free. If you can get into a group that's doing medical testing through 23andme (I think they call that portion of the company 23andwe). I got the full boat of testing one can get as a female. I've also done this testing with Family Tree DNA. I'm actually for it and I think as someone else said it will get more specific as more people submit samples.

  33. eastern european, thats all i got but I know my parents are polish so it didnt tell me much new

  34. what did u thinkof it?

  35. agreed – was worried about it so signed it all up under a fake name

  36. HOLY CRAP my vid just hit the 10k view mark!

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