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23andMe Genome Test (The NYC Couple)

23andMe Genome Test (The NYC Couple)

Amanda ordered the 23andMe genome test and here’s how it works. Clearly she’s really good at following instructions… NOT!

Test Results are in: https://youtu.be/PSdDNUIOM8g

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

– The NYC Couple

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Recorded on: Canon G7X

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17 thoughts on “23andMe Genome Test (The NYC Couple)

  1. Thanks for this! Gonna do one soon myself. Glad to know no needles involved!

  2. ASimpleMix says:

    I want to do this- one of my friends is doing it too!! I will wait for your results too!! 🙂

  3. Random guess out of the dark….. I'm guessing you may be Mexican ?. I really want to try this. As far as I know, I'm Mexican and Italian. But who know I may be Asian!

  4. Juan Cena says:

    What were your results?

  5. joe smith says:

    I'm guessing latina, mestiza?

    European (Spanish, Italian), Native American Indian, and small amount of African. With some Sephardic Jewish.

    Keep us posted on your results! You are pretty. 🙂 Lucky fella, there, lol.

  6. Di Dxpeo says:

    Your boyfriend is going to want to have sex after this .

  7. Mine was just received at NC so now I gotta wait for the actual analysis part to happen lol

  8. Tracy C. says:

    I want to do this too! When I was reading the reviews on the site a lot said they were very disappointed in the medical info they gave. Hopefully theyre full of crap! I'll be staying tuned!

  9. Can't wait to see Amanda's results

  10. LMFBOOOOOOO Mark's face when he knows that he's right is so hilarious to me "do NOT remove the absorbent pad"? this test seems really interesting though I'll be staying tuned!!!

  11. Sorry but the glob of spit coming out was gross..lol : )

  12. GianQ says:

    Took the test on summer. You'll get results you never thought you would get. I'm Puerto Rican and got Italian, Irish , Native American ,and English

  13. ooooo I really want to try this!

  14. I love your guys videos! Keep it up because your growing 😀

  15. that test looks pretty cool. Tim always jokes that I'm not really Italian… I should do this test!

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