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23andMe Native American/Mexican Results + Comparison

23andMe Native American/Mexican Results + Comparison

My 23 and Me ancestry DNA results plus gedmatch, wegene, and Myheritage comparison.

I have my father’s My-heritage results next to mine. He got the greater amount of Central American. As you can see it’s the only one that isn’t consistent with the rest of the ethnicity tests. I don’t recommend anyone waste their time or money on it if you are from Latin America. They overestimate one’s Native american ancestry.

I have my genetic community along with my father’s. My mother and I got Northeastern Michoacan. My father and maternal grandmother got Western Central Mexico. Pretty consistent. As far as I know My grandparents grandparents are all from Michoacan.

1st pic: Me at seven years old.
2nd pic: 5th grade school presentation.
3rd pic: Family pic when I was about 5.
4th Pic: My parents’ wedding. I put this picture up to emphasize my Michoacan heritage. The sombrero my father has on is a traditional Michoacan sombrero from the Southeastern Michoacan Northern Guerrero region. It is different from the stereotype Texan sombrero associated with Mexicans today. It is made of a straw like material and is considered very fine in this region.


10 thoughts on “23andMe Native American/Mexican Results + Comparison

  1. Why do you think they overestimate your native american ancestry?

  2. Nice I did 23 and me and my results came back saying I was 48 percent Native American and 37 percent european mostly from Iberian Peninsula. I thought I would have been more Native American but guess not oh well.

  3. jay walker says:

    Mexican are indians unless they mixed with blacks

  4. jay walker says:

    Carlos. I bet you are a northern mexican indian. Lol

  5. jay walker says:

    mexicans are native americans period unless they mixed with african

  6. Jason says:

    Congrats, you're a Mestizo.

  7. what part of mich is your family from? my gma is from villa victoria, the rest are from central mex and veracruz. i been trying to decide which dna test to take ┬┐cual recomiendas?

  8. Top Mog says:

    E-V12, your paternal haplogroup (0:21), is very common in Egypt and Sudan. That's a bit unusual in Mexico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_E-M215_(Y-DNA)

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