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23andme Overview & My Results

23andme Overview & My Results

I had my DNA tested on the website 23andMe a while back. I recorded this at the end of August 2016. Since then 23andMe has already changed their website. They have also changed their pricing plans. I will likely make an updated version of my DNA results sometime in the future. I’m sure some people would be interested in seeing how the new website looks.

★About my Results
While I consider myself Dominican, I am also American because I was born in the USA. I probably consider myself more American because that’s the culture I’m more familiar with. I’ve lived in the USA all my life.

I knew my ancestry would be mixed… what surprised me was that I have native american DNA. It wasn’t much, but still interesting to know. I also thought it was really cool that I have DNA from neanderthals. It’s like having a part of the past always be a part of you. I find it sad that no other humanoid species survived with us. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if another species of humanoids would have survived.

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12 thoughts on “23andme Overview & My Results

  1. I did this test and I think the speculative view is actually the most accurate. I've researched my family history back quite a long way. I'm English and both of my parents were English and I can trace some branches of my family back a few centuries and in some of them, everyone is English. With the speculative view I'm 36.7% British and Irish and with the conservative view, just over 2%! I also know that I have both French and German ancestors from not far back. The speculative view gives me nearly 16% yet I have 0% with the conservative!

  2. I recently did the test. My results shows a chromosome. It was interesting. The Haplogroup in pretty interesting. I've decided to to ancestry and then compare before I do a reveal video for my students.

  3. centavoos says:

    Thanks cupcake thats what I was referring ?

  4. centavoos says:

    question… cupcake did they show the part that you are related to a famous person on your maternal line ? at the old website 23andme? thanks

  5. Caribbean people from Cuba Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have to start embracing their taino heritage……the Spanish lied about you guys wake up

  6. domican girls are quite cute 🙂

  7. the reason they increased the price was because they are offering the health reports again. how do you not know this?

  8. The presentation could use some work.

  9. The most important reason people watch these videos is to see the person facial features & compare ppl dna to their facial features.

    I would suggest to make another video just about your self, your dna, your background, any story & what u think about being Dominican & Hispanic. Most importantly show your face because i can tell by ur profile pic that you are a beautiful girl… 🙂

  10. You need to use the right words for your video.

    When you say "light skin" many ppl in these kind of videos tends to think you mean light skin as in black americans standard.

    next time, use word like Fair & Pale skinned.

    The skin color to describe the average Dominican is Olive & Tanned skinned but i know thats what u meant when you said brown skin as in Mexican/Latin standards.

  11. what part of DR is your family from? good results.

  12. Sorry about the police sirens in a few parts.(Don't worry it's brief) I live near the police station and honestly didn't hear them during editing until later when I put my headphones on. I'm so used to that sound I didn't even notice it when I was recording. I hope you guys like the video and I hope you are all having a good day!

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