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23andme Package and Sample Tutorial

23andme Package and Sample Tutorial

I got my 23andme sample and kit in the mail. Decided to film it in case anyone wants to know roughly how it works.


21 thoughts on “23andme Package and Sample Tutorial

  1. Do you put it in a separate box, or can you just mail it in the 23 and me box?

  2. I said "not stirred" too after you said "shaken." xDDD

  3. fucking idiot biohazard is on almost every medical device or equipment or medical bag that deals with excretions and waste of the human body fucking moron. It doesn't stand for zombie or necessarily toxic filth.  

  4. Did you have any luck with the results?

  5. Amie Bong says:

    You should make a results video!

  6. TheJabus says:

    Private in the sense that I get to choose who is able to view. Just like real life secrets I can choose to disclose whether my mom, dad, family doctor knows. I've come to terms with accepting a Gattaca style world. The digital privacy fight was lost many years ago.

  7. Hello, thank you for your video.
    Here in Brazil "23andMe" is not available and I use a forwarding service to send it over here and your video was very important to know how the process works.
    Thank you very much!!!

  8. River Song says:

    mine took 3 days to get to me in Chicago Illinois, but it took 4 weeks to get back! I found that a little ridiculous.

  9. cvau32 says:

    hi the Jabus I was referring to like your ancestry and things like that…lol I know I have good genes also.

  10. TheJabus says:

    Thanks! Maybe I'll have to do a follow up video to show how the online service is. I'd have to censor a lot of information since I feel medical information should remain private despite having what appear to be pretty darn good genes. But for example there is a section titled Health Risks, here is one example:

    Alzheimer's Disease
    Established Research: Multiple studies with 750+ participants
    My Risk 4.9%
    Avg 7.2%

    And there's quite a few of those and every month 1-3 news ones come out

  11. cvau32 says:

    Hi the ja bus I enjoyed your video a lot and I'm about to buy the kit what was your test out come you never did an update ect. what did you find out?

  12. DontAsk says:

    go to the website 23 and me fingd click on it How can I see the status of my sample? then look for Step 2: Successfully registered; note your return sample tracking. when ur tracking ull know when it should arrive

  13. I received mines in 2 days–they're fast!

  14. I'm also located in Canada but they asked me not to place the tube into the kit, but instead to but it directly into the dhl packaging.

  15. TheJabus says:

    Hey Tev, According to my emails the order was shipped on January 27th, 2012 and I uploaded this video on Jan 31st, 2012. So within 4 days for myself. I do live pretty close to the American border though so it may have been quicker because of this.

  16. TevXD says:

    I live in Canada as well and I'm thinking about purchasing one of these. How long did it take to arrive after you ordered it?

  17. svantiii says:

    Why not?
    If 60% of Russians have R1a1 and 0% of Africans, etc have R1a1, I would say there is a correlation between "russian look" and R1a1, even though I can't prove any direct causation between haplogroup itself and physical appearance…

  18. RedMaxHUN says:

    Y-DNA haplogroups have nothing to do with physical appearance!

  19. svantiii says:

    You look a bit polish/czech/east german where they have a lot of R1a1. Yeah, Y chromosome comes just from one ancestor out of hundreds so…

    I've just ordered the kit, who knows maybe it turns out we're related 😉

  20. TheJabus says:

    G2a actually but I have reletives near the R1a1 line so you were close, I think.

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