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9 thoughts on “23andMe: Reinventing Ancestry

  1. Sara P says:

    i wonder what his ancestry is

  2. what a great way to commit genocide

  3. Tucher97 says:

    then it is learn that one of your ancestors is an assassin

  4. Zach Todd says:

    whos this actor, looks familiarbut cant remember…news guy maybe?

  5. LUV LKS says:

    I wasted $600 on this.For all results were likely tolerant for lactose,not flushing alcohol,not deep sleeper,sprinter..i knew that without $199.Kit results in 2013 were worth $99,not new!!! They changed!!! Keep your money.

  6. Who is the actor in this commercial? I'm sure I've seen him before.

  7. by the time you update the ancestry composition algorithm, my only DNA relatives on 23andme will be my great-great-great grandchildren

  8. You should add link in description for us lazies

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