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23andMe Research: Understanding Genetics

23andMe Research: Understanding Genetics

When will knowing your genetic information become part of your everyday life like knowing your blood pressure or cholesterol levels? And how will genetics help us make decisions about our healthcare and our lifestyle in the future? Watch this video to hear from the 23andMe research team about the importance of understanding genetics.


4 thoughts on “23andMe Research: Understanding Genetics

  1. not sure whatshould say excet my liver is high n enznes, i feel tried,hot n cold,what is happening to me

  2. Tim Kelley says:

    The service no longer provides a Personal Genome Service that includes a
    health report addressing disease risks! What a huge disappointment.
    This was the whole reason my health care practitioner recommended this
    service. The information provided is merely for party tricks rather
    than useful data. Are you looking to see what diseases you might be
    predisposed towards? If so, 23 and Me will be of no help. Save your
    money until they resume offering these reports. Oh, and just 2-3 days
    after they receive your spit, you will not be able to get a refund – not
    even a partial one!

  3. Hi, I plan on taking the 23andME in 2015 however I am not concerned regarding diseases I might get. It's 100% ancestry. My sister took the test & we already had a professional genealogist perform my Mothers side however she hasn't opened 1 link. I on the other hand am more social & will open ever link.

  4. What about gene therapy? Will you be offering cosmetic gene therapies in the future? 😉 I'd be interested in being a guinea pig!

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