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23andme Results

23andme Results

Results and a shocking DNA twist!
84.3% Sub-Saharan African
13.6% European
1.1% East Asian/Native American
0.1% South Asian
0.8% Unassigned

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10 thoughts on “23andme Results

  1. that's cool, you should go to Africa and find those pygmies. but be careful of that Ebola.

  2. Enjoyed your Video !!

  3. 2uplift says:

    What were your haplogroups? My maternal haplogroup is L2a1 & my paternal haplogroup is E1b1a

  4. Tran Mere says:

    Ashkenazi European Jewish are with some few exception no more than Europeans. European Jews are descents of converts, former pagans or some other religious groups. Very few of them are Hebrews. This fact has studied during the last few years. I have no idea why these American DNA test corporation are using this Ashkenazi group as a different genetic background.

  5. Ito Roots says:

    What made you take this test? Vs ancestry

  6. I also have a German ancestor, so we too could be cousins 😀

  7. annjean says:

    This explanation may be applied to any area that is defined as "broadly". "If a piece of DNA is found all over Europe, like in Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Poland, but not outside Europe, Ancestry Composition will label that DNA "Broadly European." And thus, if a piece of DNA is found all over Africa, but not outside of African it is broadly African. Hope that clears it up for anyone who needed clarification.

    You are so blessed to have that much information about your 5th great grand mother. I am still trying to find the (white) father of my great grand father.

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