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23andMe Results and Review *EMOTIONAL*

23andMe Results and Review *EMOTIONAL*

I didn’t mean to get emotional at the end. Taking genetic tests can be scary so make sure you are ready before you take the test.


8 thoughts on “23andMe Results and Review *EMOTIONAL*

  1. Please don’t apologize for being emotional. This is personal. Recently I read an article that the enzyme that is responsible for Alzheimer’s has been detected and companies can now begin creating something to combat its development and or progression. So in your case things look good in the future for you and your health. If you want more info or a breakdown of your genealogy, then take your raw data from your dna test result over to GED match for the in depth detailed information your are seeking. Hope you get the answers to your background so all those lingering questions are eliminated, and then you can move on with living your life to the fullest.

  2. lovekayray says:

    Of course a few days after I make this video, I got my mom's results! Turns out I am not Italian! My mom is 98% Middle Eastern. (So who knows how accurate 23 and me is… Doesn't seem very reliable!)

  3. Lil Nell says:

    Do u still watch Disney channel?

  4. Lil Nell says:

    Make asmr videos plz.

  5. Yakut sister! I had 1% 🙂 I'm waiting on my updated ancestry results. If your European was around 70 percent, where were your other ancestry regions from besides the .5% from Yakut?

  6. Beauregard says:

    Maybe Alzheimers will be treatable when your at that age. Don't be sad.

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