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  1. Sucks that you guys forgot Justine's birthday

  2. Dean M says:

    Stop calling yourself white and be proud of your biracial heritage.

  3. Lol I actually got a 23andme ad before this?

  4. l C says:

    If you upload your raw to a different site you will learn more about the 28% that is broad. They did the same thing to me.

  5. Bean she says:

    Too much talk …

  6. No wonder you're cute

  7. DJ Trevi says:

    Yay, Native American

  8. KaGamer123 says:

    How long did it take to get the results?

  9. J Baron says:

    Associated medical conditions of your haplogroup link below.

    Rollins et al. (2009) examined the association between brain pH and mtDNA alleles. The highest brain pH was found in members of haplogroups U and K. Higher pH confers protection against Parkinson's disease and psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. Another study by the University of Manchester suggests that a lower brain acidity (i.e. higher pH) has a protective effect against strokes. Research on intelligence point that people with higher IQ tend to have more alkaline brains. Higher pH is associated with better conductivity-transmission between neurons (source).

    Hendrickson et al. (2008) studied the role played by mitochondrial function in AIDS progression in HIV-1 infected persons. They found that AIDS progression was slower for members of haplogroups U and K, except for U5a which had a faster progression.

    The common C150T mutation has been found at strikingly higher frequency among Chinese and Italian centenarians and may be advantageous for longevity and resistance to stress according to Chen et al. (2012). C150T defines haplogroups U5a1h and U5b, but may also be found among other subclades.

    Montiel-Sosa et al. (2006) studied sperm motility and vitality within members of haplogroup U and K in Spain and found that the highest motility and vitality was found within haplogroup U5b and the lowest among haplogroup U4.


  10. I'm seeing this pop up more and more and now I'm super interested in doing this. My family have always described ourselves as "Italian" and I want to know just how much Italian is in there.

  11. batchout says:

    Photic means reaction to light

  12. Man this is so cool. I guess if I was doing it'd be mainly for the breakdown of traits, because I'm definitely 100% British & Irish hahaha

  13. This is so interesting!!!

  14. Paul Roth says:

    omg, you DID belong in the UK! 😀

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