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23andMe Results: My Dad’s  vs My Results + GEDmatch

23andMe Results: My Dad’s vs My Results + GEDmatch

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Daddy’s DNA Results are finally in!!!!
Testing Timeline:
Ordered Kit: Thursday March 23, 2017
Received Kit: Monday March 27, 2017
Mailed Specimen: Monday March 27, 2017
Results Ready: Friday May 5, 2017

Take the test:
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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!! https://youtu.be/ef30KOiffcM

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Video Details:
“Sando Vibes” Original music by Alison Ryce
Camera: MacBook Pro
Editing: iMovie
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36 thoughts on “23andMe Results: My Dad’s vs My Results + GEDmatch

  1. Tonia Day says:

    This was really fun. I want to do this with my kids

  2. Aww Daddy is sweet! lol ❤

  3. Both maternal and paternal haplogroup are of African origin.
    His European DNA comes from his mothers side around 1830… it isn't difficult to guess how it got there

  4. Allison your dad is a DNA match with my maternal uncle. This would be through your connection to Barbados.

  5. You guys are so cool 🙂

  6. The Very best DNA Video I've seen . Shalom

  7. my paternal haplogroup is E-M4254 i wonder how far back we have a common ancestor

  8. your father has the same haplogroup as Me

  9. I love how your dad is so nonchalant about the results. ??

  10. Wow, that must have been fun opening! I love watching people open their results. I'm adopted and I'm doing mine soon! ? Thanks for sharing!

  11. A. Kan says:

    Your dad is so cute. ?

  12. coffEKolor says:

    You can see the Ethiopian in you, it comes from your grandmother.
    .his mother, you can REALLY see it in her!..L1b1a…..@3:10 You look JUST like, your
    father's mother!…You'r beautiful complexion comes from the blend, of your parents!….
    it's amazing how DNA creates a being…Stay Blessed!

  13. Tracie R says:

    I'm so excited for you

  14. africans werent "stolen", they were bought, by the local africans who enslaved and sold their own people, not only to te british, but also to the arabs, who by the way castrated their slaves. thats why there are barely any africans left in the middle east. so if anything, the ones bought by the british are the luckiest ones and the reason you were able to be born.

  15. Im sorry no offense to your dad but i cant take when some old West Indians talk about having white in them is good……….apparently forgetting it was due to slavery i have old folks in my family do the same thing like its a token or something. it really irritates me. Of course hes gonna have Indian and native. Im also from Trinidad by the way.

  16. very interesting thank you for sharing

  17. I've really enjoyed watching all your DNA test results vids. I'm curious as to whether you've connected with any of the people who you matched with & if you've figured out how you're related? I can't imagine how much more difficult it must be to put together an extended tree if your family was displaced a few generations ago and you come from places where records were either not well kept or have been destroyed; so I hope the DNA results can help with that in some way. And even if you don't necessarily connect all the dots you gain lots of wonderful stories from newly discovered distant cousins. 🙂

  18. your dad is soooooo cute..love it!

  19. I'm French Caribbean and it's funny how we have a similar intonation pitch even though we don't speak the same language! We also eat the same food haha you're a beautiful family!

  20. have you tried dna.land yet

  21. honestiee says:

    Thanks for the disclaimer that you & Nigel aren't related
    LoL ?
    I was wondering too cuz I remembered u comparing the DNA and y'all weren't related

  22. Nerdy J says:

    Hey, Ali. There is a YouTube channel named "Joya Abraham" who is uploading your videos to their channel and impersonating you. As soon as I saw this I reported them. Just wanted to let you know.

  23. Jabutts623 says:

    Allyson, watched mom & dad's videos. We loved them very much! Hubby & I got results yesterday. We will share our results soon! Thank you all for sharing!

  24. in my opinion ur father looks asian more than african

  25. Allyson Ryce, Thank you for making such Awesome DNA Results video! It is Fantastic that your Family is on board in unlocking the secrets of your DNA lineage! Bravo! 🙂

  26. brayo144 says:

    Not to sound creepy or anything but I dont think I've been more excited/anxious to see someone else's DNA results in my life ?! You have a really beautiful family with such a rich heritage! It's always interesting to see results from Islanders and other mixed race people. My results would be extremely boring coz my whole family and lineage is probably 100% African.

  27. Very cool. I thought your father would have a European paternal haplogroup since he is lighter-skinned. I also thought he would have more European in general. But it goes to show you can't judge genes just by looks.

  28. Great video! Wonderful family!

  29. Wow. Your father results are very close to mine that I just got back today on my birthday.
    My DNA ancestry results from 23andme. https://www.23andme.com/published-report/f87f2adb03ef4661/?share_id=a259e7785ed74510

  30. RickyboyH says:

    Btw, you resemble my late cousin's daughter, she's a mix of Himba & Nama (Nama are Khoi-people from southern & south west Africa) . Her complexion is a tad lighter than you, but not much. It's amazing to spot the similarities between continental Africans and our African family in the diaspora!

  31. necilya says:

    Nice results. beautiful family. more results !!! yeah I can't wait.

  32. gigi ngala says:

    what a lovely family you have,!

  33. Very good results!! A lot of us fans were waiting on your father's results. 🙂

  34. I'm sad that my paternal haplo group started in Europe.

  35. That moment we've been waiting for.. Drum roll

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