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23andMe Results!!!: My First Reaction Video

23andMe Results!!!: My First Reaction Video

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My 23andMe Results are in!!! Take a look at my results!

***Took 22 days to complete Process***
Placed my order: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Received Kit in the mail: Saturday, April 23, 2016
Mailed DNA Sample: Monday, April 25, 2016
Received shipping confirmation: Thursday, April 28, 2016
Got confirmation email that my DNA sample was received: Friday, April 29, 2016
Got Results: Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sub-Saharan African 90.7%
European 7.9%
South Asian 0.6%
East Asian & Native American 0.1%
Unassigned 0.7%

Watch my sister’s DNA Results https://youtu.be/r0k8uWGRkgM

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Video Details:
“Oxtail and Rice” Original music by Alison Ryce
Camera: MacBook Pro
Editing: iMovie
Music Software: Magix Music Maker 2014
(The music used in this video is royalty free)


30 thoughts on “23andMe Results!!!: My First Reaction Video

  1. I was almost sad when I found out the I was only 72% African. I was thinking I was 80% I'm glad you are happy with your results!!

  2. Hi Alison, i am fascinated by your postings!! would you happen to know of a Kenneth Ryce who lived in Barbados (maybe deceased)? Are you related to the Seals family in SVG?

  3. Being proud of our origins somewhat defeats the purpose of these genetics tests… as they prove that we come from all over the place, and aren't the product of just one people/ethnicity/nationality.

    But hey, I understand Black Americans (I mean from the whole Americas, not just from the US) that try to discover where their ancestors came from, to essentially mend a broken link.

  4. Your reaction is LIFE! You had me over here in Cali excited! ☺✊ Congrats for discovering your roots.

  5. melizabeth says:

    Are you able to contact any of the matches?

  6. A. T. says:

    i should have listened even though i was listening on speaker.

  7. Ass all can see, take heed, she was proud to be African yes, PERIOD, but results said west Africa which showed even a broader part of why she was so excited, the west is always being labeled as having nothing, or BANTU names u always here Somalis of Ethiopians calling other Africans who do results like this and shout out all of Africa only to have comments from east Africans who got mixed up due to cross breeding and hatefully saying racist shit, FACTS, use this video among others from the islands and u will see same way Ethiopians, SOMALI, Eritrean Africans who feel because they have curly hair or narrow noses etc that they better or nicer looking than west Africans and they so called east Africans and more Arab or European crap, FACTS, THE ISLANDS like America or Europe has many blacks that have curly hair, narrow noses, light skin, grey eyes, brown, black complexion to high yellow, thick eyebrows etc, THUS THE DOUGLA TERM USED IN THE ISLAND , NOW AT THE END OF THE DAY, THEY ALIGHN THEMSELVES WITH BEING BLACK / AFRICAN HERITAGE, THEY DONT BRAG ABOUT OH IAM EUROPEAN OR ARAB, OR YEMENI, THEY CONSIDER THEMSELVES BLACK IN TERMS OF NOT THE COLOR BLACK BUT HOW THE WORD WAS USED BY EUROPEANS AND NOW AFRICANS OUTSIDE OF AFRICA USE IT AS A COMMON WORD AS A PEOPLE , AND TO ANYONE WHO MAY COME AND SAY OH WELL THEN INDIANS ARE BLACK AND THEY NOT AFRICANS, WELL I GOT THAT COVERED ,RIGHT BACK AT YA, DO( THEY GET CALLED BLACK?? DO THEY GET CALLED THE (N – WORD???? NO) SO COME BETTER IF ANYONE WANTS TO BRING THAT POINT, , SAME FOR NORTH AFRICA MEANING LIBYA, DO THEY GET CALLED N ALSO NO, THATS WHY TYPICAL AFRICANS DO NOT ALWAYS THROW THE NORTH IN WHEN ITS DEBATES ABOUT AFRICA, OTHER REASON IS THIS, WHICH REGION ALWAYS HAVE TO PROVE ITSELF AGAINS RACIST VIEWS , WHERE THEY ALWAYS HAVE FOOLS TRYING TO DEBUNK THOSE REGIONS, DO U SEE ANYONE GOING INTO NORTH AND SAYING OH THEY COULD NOT HAVE BUILT THIS OR THAT, OH THEY UGLY AND THEY BANTU, THEY STILL LIVING IN MUD HUTS ETC, SO PLEASE do not come With no BULLSHIT!!!! Now as stated, islanders may be mixed (.not all but many) but they still hold on to their African cultures, style, origins regardless of how much of this or That they are found to be mixed with, SO SAME WAY how they mixed but love the (boss CONTINENT of all man ,whom all man came from a black man), contrary to many East Africans who in the same way had many YEMINI, Arabs, European go into africa, mix ,and thus some types settled in certain areas in those countries same as Asians in North America creat their own communities, SO when one say oh well East Africa is diverse just like the islands, it do not mean it was originally so in the beginning before any INVASIONS, THE ISLANDS, had caribs and arawaks when Columbus stumbled upon it, same shit in America, and know history, an islander from Guyana took on Congress and got them to delete the word discovery from the original file and replace it with the word stumble, he proved Africans were already trading with the natives whom Columbus knew were already the inhabitants of america( the native indian), SO SAME WAY west was originally jet black, became brown to light to Arab to YEMINI, to so called middle eastern, listen and learn, THE LIMBA TRIBE is jet black and been DNA tested to have KOHENIN gene from high priest in biblical times, their ancestors are born Israeli from biblical times who were driven out their land by the ASSYRIANS, they migrated to Africa and maintained their customs, circumcisions, pray, etc, THE DOGON of Africa has same language as ancient Egyptians, hyrogliphics are similar, etc, IMOTHEP the jet black Egyptian 4 dynasty father of medicine not the Greeks, they learned from Egypt, blacks Egypt not from the outsiders who invaded thus u see their versions of statues etc, u see the true black Egyptians in South Egypt as the minority as u see native Indians as minority in their own land, u see west Africa had civilizations before Europe, u see the BENIN heads in European museums, they were melting metals before Europe, had brick structures etc, u see Egypt which was kemet ,land of the blacks, SO DNA may show a skewed view if u do not do what she did, yes she trini, but she traced how she became trini, that started in Barbados, WELL Africa first, SO she trini by birth but African by blood, SO to east Africans , there are pure black Somali, ETHIOPIAN living there in various areas , that's how they all looked originally before any mixing, SO stop ya,ll crap , if your parent came from Yemen, married a black Ethiopian, u will be a different shade based on one of the parents, yes u will have ancestors from Yemen etc, but also Ethiopia, u have to look at it like she did, THE Yemen part was the outside part, THE ETHIOPA part is local, SO when you keep going backwards in the local family TREE, it will start getting less light and more black/ancient as how they looked Pryor to migration of other races into east Africa, SO like any modern day country with immigration etc ,u will have nations of all races, but go back years and u will see what the ORIGINAL INHABITANTS looked like or who they were, which brings it back to America, THE islanders etc, it were the native Americans, it was the native caribs and arawaks .and again now u know of the limba who is black and looks African but came from the middle East from Israel thru palistine, and been tested and proven, even the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel been recognized them, and had them go into Israel to do seminars, SO the whole point is this , yes be proud of who u are in terms of not being racist because u middle eastern as if one only pictures them to be Arabs, OR light skin, they black also , SO this will change your views of who the real McCoy are!!! She presented her video like a boss, I just wanted to add to what I been seeing from Ethiopians and Somalis, and by the way, one young guy made it clear that people came into those nations, and he is from there but he black even though he may have a little curly hair or narrow nose ,same like this young lady, she has a light complexion, small nose, SO that means what ???that she not black??Well lesson, she is, and proud of it, and that it is even of west African, eat that lol!!

  8. Wowwww we from the same place girlllll Trini and Vincyyyyyy

  9. A lot of the African women during slavery were raped by the white men unfortunately…but you look African very beautiful

  10. So happy for you! I did my ancestry through AncestryDNA awaiting my results.

  11. Jordan D says:

    what is the service you can pay 5 or 10 dollars for in substitute of the health portion on 23andme?

  12. Jessica O says:

    Beautiful Reaction <3  Lovely African Queen!

  13. This whole process is fascinating. I enjoyed your videos.

  14. sarah c says:

    She's so proud! I love it!

  15. Zodia195 says:

    Lol, if I were to look at my maternal line, it be interesting- my mom is 75% German, 25% British, maternal grandmother is half British/ half German (both parents originally game from their native countries), and her mother is 100% German. My wish is to trace my maternal lines on my father's side since that side of the family is more widespread and has been in the US longer than my mom's side. My father was able to trace his paternal line (which is French) back to France though. They came from Normandy and left for the Americas right before the French Revolution and ended up settling in the Carolinas. He's tried tracing his mother's side (which is Irish), but hasn't been able to trace it back to Ireland yet. Closest thing we could find was the history of the family name and the name itself is originally from the North area of Ireland like where Donegal is. Whether or not my family came from there is another question.

  16. I love, love, love how you were so excited about being 90%+ African! Made me feel so proud! I can only hope my results show something similar!

  17. 76% sub African 22.1% european, East Asian & Native American 0.6%, Middle Eastern & North African 0.5% Unassigned 0.5%
    My DNA results from 23nMe

  18. Congratulations! I am up to my eyeballs in genealogical research. I am actually becoming a professional genealogist. I love, love, love your reaction!

    I'm happy to be a new subscriber.

  19. Ms ch says:

    Lol probably the only video of a few that looked happy about their African percentage results.

  20. Congrats on your result. Lol i should haven't have had my earphones in.

    Good thing is, I can laugh at myself when I do something wrong.

  21. What i don't get about these tests is how they manage to tell you that you're 10% this and 90% when most of your ancestry doesn't get tested. like in my case i can only get my mother's mother's mother's…. ancestry result, which is 100% african and my father's father's father… which is also 100% African. Yet, my mother is half european, but from her father. So would i basically get 100% african in my tests results whereas i'm actually 25% european ?

    Note : I'm not african american, but african so I know precisely what is my ethnicity.

    or are there things i'm not getting here

  22. Ronetta W says:

    It really warmed my heart to see that you're so happy to high such a high percentage of African blood! You usually see so many blacks trying to claim something else. Congratulations!

  23. Golden1 says:

    I cracked up when she said " oh shucks" Trini slang lol.

  24. Michael says:

    Jesus Christ this woman beautiful

  25. screaming so loud strong the headphone got bombed

  26. INYURMUVA1 says:


  27. Tim says:

    You're awesome! Thanks for the videos!

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