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  1. Neanderthals aren't as intelligent as modern humans. So when you base it off larger brain or skull morphology you realize that it contradicts itself when you realize Neanderthals weren't that intelligent. Plus I am assuming you are Japanese do you mind telling me which person holds the academic records in Japan? I'll give you a hint it's a Nigerian lol

    That being said scientist have already predicted that are brains will actually shrink in the future. The size of the brain is not much of a difference its the wiring in the brain if I recall synapses. Any who whatever it is, the brain size has nothing to do with intelligence or is it a proven indicator.

  2. Then, why do Blacks say that everyone started in :Africa??????????

  3. Melora Foy says:

    I have 315 points which is more than 94% but I don't know what percentage it comes to. Other people here are not using the points which is the most specific measure.

  4. God son says:

    ???? you guys are cave people!!!

  5. raenil1 says:

    If certain groups of people are more intelligent that other groups because of an admixture of Neanderthal DNA, why is it that Neanderthals are extinct and not the other way around? Arrogance, pride and haughtiness.

  6. Bb Jo says:

    You have pretty high Neanderthal dna for an idiot ???

  7. dawd says:

    I'm 3.3% neanderthal. 99th percentile. I can verify that I'm a fucking genius.

  8. elijah muhammad was correct>>>the caucasian race…genetically engineered human hybrid ape people>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCuhmnRXB-c

  9. How is the audio so bad? What are you using?

  10. Dru Zod says:

    What about various Asian cultures with an higher average IQ, but a lower percentage of neanderthal dna?

  11. Neanderthals are known for their huge brains, their brains were larger than any modern race of human. They were also much stronger. I am proud of my Neanderthal heritage.

  12. Funny because all Homo sapiens are 99.7 % identical to Neanderthal. So really you are just 3% (.03) of the .3%(.003) difference. (Which is only .009% expressed .00009)

  13. This.

  14. This is not news it's common sense scientist are lying about Neanderthals and it will be exposed someday. The Pyramid in eastern Europe will prove this its much older then you think see my play list before you laugh at me

  15. Ashkenazi red haired jews aka khazar neanderthals. Last place they were spotted was central Asia

  16. Africans have some neanderthal dna but not very much they mixed with fCaucasians & Eurasians for thousands of years wast africa east africa even south africa no Aborigines don't have more they're an isolated group

  17. I've often considered trying the 23andme shebang out, but I haven't got 'round to it yet. Korean/German hybrid, sure to produce interesting results xD

  18. TehAssasin says:

    What percent of asian and negro DNA do you have in you, Mr. Philosopher?

  19. kmelfina says:

    3.3% (non-yt), but I thought Caucasoids would have more Neanderthal in them.

  20. White Man says:

    I'll have to check this out for myself some time, I certainly have something of an occipital bun.

  21. Da-hamn, u out-'Thalled me bro (2.8%). That's a great idea for a study, & a straightforward correlation 'Thal %age to IQ. While the apocryphal reports of the people in that thread are interesting, of course this itself is not science but rather maybe just a hint that we should do some. And the 23andme user base (early adopters of this technology) are not a representative sample for the wider population. My closer maternal cousins who show up in the "Relative Finder" all seem to be hard science PhDs, & the principal function of Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Labs seems to be as a machine for aggregating their genes. ;P

    Yah, I personally believe the 'Thals were of higher IQ than us, that Aurignacian culture was way more heavily 'Thal than the current consensus, & that Eurasians, & Europeans in particular got some very important cognitive & behavioural traits from them.

    Am currently reading Svante Pääbo's book on the 'Thals, & am sorry to report that this inveterate omnisexual antiracist, the #1 'Thal guy on the planet, is deeply concerned about framing the results of his research in such a way that it "cannot be used by racists". So he might be holding out on us.

  22. Atti Cana says:

    Interesting, but intelligence isn't everything, especially not academic intelligence.  Common sense is more important.  As is wisdom, which does not require a high level of academic education.  As for Mensa, I'm not in the least overawed by anybody who tells me they belong to THAT bunch of nerds and auties.  Your average Mensa member has no fashion sense beyond his anorak and spends most of his free time in the company of blow-up rubber sex dolls. 

  23. j1mmyZeta says:

    Prominent nose? Oy vey!

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