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23andMe Results – (South Asian) Gujarati Indian Ancestry

23andMe Results – (South Asian) Gujarati Indian Ancestry

So i got my 23andMe results today and am pumped to share it with you ! Subscribe and Like the video if you did! Comment if you got anything similar/your results!

Take care everybody!

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30 thoughts on “23andMe Results – (South Asian) Gujarati Indian Ancestry

  1. Fay Wright says:

    We have the same maternal haplogroup! Except I'm from England haha

  2. I'm Indian and I took my DNA and I have traces back to Africa. Many Indians are in denial of their African DNA. Search voggler family 'Our Life Yesterday'. The kids are black and Indian, but they look Indian (mom Indian and father American Black) ?


  4. Bob Singhv says:

    You sir are Mr. India fo sho

  5. I'm Gujarati also, just uploaded my own video with my DNA test results!

  6. GEDMATCH and DNALand video done recording ! Will edit and upload ASAP

  7. How much African do you have in you

  8. Yes of course I've watched yours Arnold. I got my results back. Just waiting till a convenient time to make my results vid

  9. Peluche070 says:

    100 % Nerdy Indian FOR SURE!

  10. Religion has nothing to do with it dude

  11. P Am says:

    This nigga a hardcore guju

  12. P. Nessa says:

    My mother is full Indian; family moved from Goa in the 40ā€™s. Father is from Canary Islands. Pops thought she was a Spaniard when he first saw her. We live in NJ.
    I expected at least 50% South Asian from her.
    My results were
    58% Southern European (Italy, Spain, and Portugal)
    26.5% Broadly South Asian
    15% Northern African
    Rest is unassigned
    WTF Breh?

  13. KM says:

    i'm 6'6, blonde hair and green eyes, i'm also 28% indian originating around the gujrat region šŸ˜®

  14. xyzz zz says:

    From where to get dna test ??

  15. My family had 90% Indian but 5% East Asian and 5% Melanesian. I wonder what that is all about.

  16. Tor's Asmr says:

    My boyfriend is Indian and his parents are from Gujarat (full hindu) his last name is Patel.. he looks middle eastern to me so Iā€™m wanting him to do this test!!!

  17. kitkat299 says:

    99.2% South Asian hmm I don't believe that percentage tbh. I'm Gujarati Indian as well and have been wanting to do a DNA test but not from these websites due to the lack of research. I've been hoping to see if there are DNA testings in India and get it done from there but I cant seem to find anything (India really needs to be more advance). When people try to guess my ethnic heritage the only people who are able to guess right are other Indians. I get other people asking me if I'm Italian, Iranian, or South-East Asian. Maybe I'm reaching here but It makes me curious. I'd really like to know the results of other Gujarati people.

  18. I am from gujarat too and found another test dna.land can even tell how much Gujarati you are. It's interesting.

  19. ALSO, spoiler: The thing i said about Greece lol, i know DNAland isn't the most accurate, but it shows some matches from the Balkans for my DNA

  20. Lili T says:

    I am half Puerto Rican, a quarter white and a quarter Native American. I did my Ancestry from Ancestry DNA because as a Puerto Rican we are very mixed so I was curious about that. I will address the Native American thing. I had trace regions of east Asia, central Asian, Siberia. Actually every Native American DNA results always show these ethnicities as well. It's not because there's some Russian or Asian grandparent down the line. We Native Americans have always known that we came to America from Asia. My studies about Native American DNA shows that because we Natives started in Central Asia and overtime moved into Eastern Asia and Russia before crossing the Bering Straight our DNA carries that migration pattern so to speak. I can also put it like this, central Asians, East Asians, Siberians all have a common ancestor. Hope that makes sense and answers why you may show traces amounts of Native American as it's more likely central Asian or East Asian. By the way, my husband is from India!

  21. ALPHA IC1 says:

    Dat 70s Porn Outro tho

  22. R Khan says:

    I'm Pakistani (Pathan and punjabi) and I took the ancestry dna test. I got 96% south Asian, 2%east Asian, 1% central Asian and 1% melenasian

  23. Gedmatch: M280595

    I'll make a video on this, wegene and DNA land soon!

  24. You're absolute shit at using a camera

  25. Who the fuck are you

  26. Denny Joy says:

    Hey man! I highly recommend using the HarappaWorld Admixture tool from GedMatch which will give you a further breakdown, considering that South Asia is such a broad region.

  27. Brother, your native American result is probably misinterpret DNA from melanasia (Oceania and Papuan). A lot of South-Asians have Melanesian ancestry, and Melanesians are also the ancestors of Native-Americans. With low percentages of DNA it can be misinterpret because genetically they're almost similar to eachother

  28. never mind says:

    I really wish they were more specific with indian dna because its so diverse. I'm curious because I always thought I was 100% south indian from andhra/telegana region but I found out on my dad's side priests from varanasi migrated to the south and my great grandfather on my mom's side is from gujurat… i wonder if anyone's tried breaking down indian dna yet because it would help us understand ourselves a lot better

  29. Desi Boy says:

    Nice results!
    Gujaratis are the purest south Asian and Harappan people probably were similar to Gujaratis.
    Try Gedmatch Bro and post the result in a video šŸ™‚

  30. Did you use Dna.land? I thought that be interesting as it's setup for Gujratis

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