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  1. Defact says:

    nigga u 0.1% black

  2. I am a hair stylist, you have curly hair, it just short so you can't tell

  3. Xo says:

    u aint mexican u a mutt

  4. can the results be used against me for paternity test from woman I impregnated?

  5. Black Indian and black and then I got a white grandmothers I got a black grandmother I got it Indian grandmother so I'm black and in doing United States of America

  6. Bob Boon says:

    What the fuck. A Mexican that is 100% European? Are you a first generation Mexican? That can be the only explanation.

  7. I love this young man! he is honest, brave and truthfully​.
    Thanks so much!!! I also ordered mine couple days ago

  8. You should click the country sub-region breakdown on the ancestry map, there is some cool basic info on what parts of Europe are associated with your DNA.
    You can also alter the map view to be Speculative, Standard and Conservative. The Speculative setting is detailed and is pretty accurate for my known heritage.
    Then try view the same info broken down in Chromosome view, very cool to see what is from where.

  9. B S says:

    Hey bro, do you wear a reduced prescription for close up work?

  10. Hi I, kinda new to blogging how did you get the camera to look at the computer then back at you did you use a website or app or something.


  12. "man, this website is really slow today." boi you don't even know slow

  13. mdr893 says:

    I got a question, how to seal the box to returned it to the lab, did they provide a special sealing or we need to do it by ourself? how did you do it? thanks

  14. "share genetics with your friends and family" to match up with a hot girl who wants your genetics, to create a perfect promising offspring

  15. 0,1% subsaharan african LOOOOL woot!
    i think these dna tests they offer are more show/ and inaccurate but i dont know.
    do you think its legit?
    also the one comment with curly hair seemed odd.

  16. John Dean says:

    what are your maternal and paternal haplogroups

  17. Determining where your DNA is from, is beyond the capability of any DNA testing and to claim one can is a fraud. Example: Just because your father is from Texas, it doesn't make you a Texan any more than if your father was a Republican, that makes you a Republican.

    DNA can identify one's parents because there is a factual link between the DNA of the parents and the child that are real objects, but DNA can not be linked to a concept of the mind, which is impossible. Mental constructs can not be manifested or replicated in DNA. Ethnicity, cultural practices, language, and any human aspects in that nature are not inherited, which should be obvious.

    Giving percentages of one's ethnicity is analogous to reading tea leaves or fortunetelling, which is what ethnicity results are. Selling you snake oil or a pet rock.

  18. Lol, cool results, John!.

  19. Kate Smith says:

    I bought this and I'm waiting for results! Thanks for the video, helps me see what it'll look like. I hope my cancer risk is low, but it runs high in my family…. :/ BUT good to know regardless…

  20. this should be covered under insurance for health risks!!! lol i wish

  21. J. S. says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  22. Alissa Lyn says:

    LOL alcohol flush reaction is NOT that you throw up when you drink hahaha its whether or not your face flushes when you drink

  23. Douglas says:

    Thanks for sharing. I had a laugh and enjoyed.

  24. Very good to see this before I buy it, thanks man!

  25. Marie Eich says:

    you did this test in 2013 but I'll have you know that people who are the sprinter type also can practice endurance quite well. Vice versa it's a bit harder though. Hah, don't use it as an excuse for not running! 😀

  26. Actually your zygomatic bone , os frontales (forehead bone) and chin are pretty much Neanderthalian, so can't blame your ancestry 😉

  27. why does your 23andme look so different from mine? anno 2016 denmark

  28. If this picks up his 0.1% Sub-Saharan dna then it should pic up my  of 0.13%  sub Sahara that gedmatch says I have

  29. "good to know i have a terrible heart" i lost it XD

  30. drsjohnny says:

    im going to be doing this test just so I know how much native American I have in me since I believe my mother was full indian so I just want to know how much I am since my dad is white

  31. You lucky fucking bitch! The fucking FDA thing!

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