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23andme Review

23andme Review

Credit: Graph in the beginning comparing the DNA testing sites was done by Leah Larkin, owner of “The DNA Geek” blog.

Song: Stallion by Chris Ardoin
Buy your 23andme test at www.23andme.com

Books on My Family: “The Forgotten People – Cane River Creoles of Color” and “Isle of Canes” by Gary B. Mills and Elizabeth Shown Mills


28 thoughts on “23andme Review

  1. So amazing that people can take one of these ancestry DNA test.

  2. The young man is trying to read his DNA and some of you are strictly foolish.

  3. He is stunning. I agree. Now THAT is a MAN. ???

  4. r sims says:

    Damn. First time I seen someone test for y haplogroup b

  5. All we literally have to do is watch “the real eve” documentary to find out how we migrated out of Africa to other parts of the world.

  6. You’re beautiful!

  7. Did you see any French pop up? My fathers family is from Louisiana, Franklin. I was always told they were Creole with French ancestry. France does not show up on my report but my cousins who look more European have France on their list. Iberian shows up as 4% on my list.

  8. Your results are the same or similar to all the other African-Americans from that part of the USA.  Your story has been told over and over again in American history.  I don't know what you think you're going to find in those ancestry tests.

  9. Amburr B says:

    I need a drink..

  10. God gawd. Sheesh. Gorgeou

  11. Hey Creole! I am also a Cane River of Color (Metoyer Clan) ?????

  12. BgnrMdl1 says:

    OMG I remember you from a creole group on Myspace waaaaay back in the day, you're all grown and bearded ?

  13. ^^Any Relation To High Priestess Creole Queen?^^

  14. Oh now I have to do it . My friends and I joke about what my DNA could be . You have what I have theorized about myself as far as heritage origins .

  15. love your results I'm also of Louisiana Creole descent on my mom's ( paternal side) my family originates in Ascension and Assumption Louisiana. my great grandma name Emily Banks Fisher. her parents were mixed race Creoles. her mother Edna Banks was an dark skinned french speaking creole woman. while her father was an high yellow, long hair, blue eye man with native american features. his name was Edward Banks ( original surname is Dominique) born in belle rose Louisiana in 1894 he fought in WWI with his brothers. they were French speaking creole family.

  16. Wow! We're probably related. My Great Grandmother was a Metoyer.

  17. hello sir. I never watched your videos but you and your family are so gorgeous ?

  18. Hey cousin. I'm a little confused about which dna company is reliable. Im new to using 23andme for I have always tested with Ancestry Dna. My ancestry dna results were 11% Italy/Greek whereas on 23andme my results initially was 7.7% Italy and I had over 10% broadly southern European. When my mom results come in, 23andme phased my results with hers which shot my Italian results to 17.2% Italian. Can I trust these results? Then their timeline changed from 3-5 generations that I may of had an ancestor who was full Italian to 2-4 generations. I'm still in shock that I have any Italian at all because my mom don't have any and she is 85% African. Anyways, enough with my story. I Loved you video and that you know your family's background because apparently I don't.

  19. P Htwr says:

    You probably have Gullah roots from your paternal side out of S.Carolina!

  20. P Htwr says:

    OMG! Brutha. ..ypu said Edgefield, S,C?? That is where my paternal family is from (Hightower)…We actually have traced the original direct african ancesteor from Benin, Africa! Our family spread all throughout the 96 districts….Aiken, Orangeburg, Barnwell, Bamberg. ….we might should talk further…

  21. and whats amazing with these tests is that your results are different from your brother/sister (to compare )

  22. can I really get these results just from buying this from Walgreens for like 30 bucks?

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