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23andMe: Share and Compare Overview

23andMe: Share and Compare Overview

Genetics isn’t just about you. It’s about your family, too. At 23andMe, we’ve created the Share and Compare tool to help you explore the genetic similarities and differences between you and your family and friends. Watch this video to learn how to connect your family and friends and begin comparing your DNA. You’ll look at your relationships in an entirely new way. www.23andMe.com.


35 thoughts on “23andMe: Share and Compare Overview

  1. I"ve been trying for almost 4 months (120 days) to log on and get my results….the issue is some sort of error in my city where I got married…I've got people in my family waiting to get these results,,,,,,what is the matter?? Why can't this company add some customer service folks that can actually serve their customers?? Very Very upset with the entire deal BUT I still want the results….to add insult to injury today I got an email asking if I wanted to participate in some sort of survey because my DNA qualified me……Come on 23 and Me–fix it

  2. Have tried to add my father's name to my account and it won't let me.  I can add George Washington as my grandfather's name (not his real name) and it accepts it.  I wrote for help and got an automated reply.  Still can't add family names.  Thoroughly disgusted with the new 23 and me!

  3. I agree. I cant find anything anymore. Had two requests from distant cousins and accepted. Received their info immediately, then it went away. Also can't even find my son. Why the crazy change

  4. Fred Wille says:

    Can I compare between 23andme to my heritage profiles

  5. James King says:

    As a new member I'm having great difficulty navigating to the place where my DNA relative list would be. That's what I paid for. Ancestry,com is so much better and easier. 23 & Me seems mesmerized with the intricacies of DNA and forgets about the customer.

  6. I agree with Chris Dedes

  7. TT nNaples says:

    I've wasted nearly $200 and a vial of spit!!

  8. I am so disappointed with 23andme. I can not find anything. I once were able to see charts, read traits, and find possible cousins. They are gone. or if accessable I do not know how. What happened?

  9. My uncle, now deceased , was a share and compare of mine. Our info is not linked anymore. His info was as close to I was going to get since my own father is deceased. ALSO many of the medical traits my mother had last year are now not listed on the site anymore. It's BS now.

  10. I guess I can't figure out how to add more information like a tree for my mothers families.  it's definitely not an easy process.

  11. How do we join family reports that were done on 23 and Me with ones that were done on Family Tree? It's useless unless we can get them all together.

  12. Lamed Vav says:

    You have really messed up 23andme! The new site is just full of bugs, does not work, not functional! You need to fire some computer people quick! The site is now RUINED!

  13. Today, I received two emails from relatives requesting information from me. One of these relatives is a 5th-8th cousin whose wife is in charge of his tree. She mentioned that they would appreciate it if I could share with them my ethnic results, etc. and she also mentioned that they have trees on Ancestry.com where I could research their tree.Won't go into details about what I found on Ancestry. Suffice it to say that it was massive information and I kept going back and forth from Ancestry to 23andMe and sending her emails.I also checked my emails, and found that a copy of her emails to me were in my regular email inbox. I typed a long email to her and her husband informing them of what I had found on Ancestry, that we definitely share many common ancestors, etc. I sent the email in reply to what was in my regular email inbox. Why did I use my regular email and not the one provided here on 23andMe? Because … one cannot type more than a few words on 23andMe, that's why.I then logged back on to 23andMe – WHAT?! ALL my 23andMe emails have disappeared including the ones mentioned above from just today!??? and I cannot find my normal 23andMe home page. Al I get is the newest iteration of it; the constant 'reports' which are useless to me – I already know the color of my eyes, that I like sweet tastes over bitter, etc., etc., etc. …  and the colorful depictions of DNA. Mickey Mouse stuff I say.I will get in touch with this relative on my regular email and request that we communicate with each other from now on through Ancestry. She alluded to the fact that she doesn't use Ancestry all that much lately. I must find out why? I think a lot of people don't realize how very informational Ancestry is – either they don't want to keep 'digging' for the information or they are lazy and hope to find the information already gleaned by others? However, if either of these reasons is the case with this relative, I don't care. I want to continue to correspond with them and share ALL my findings because their family tree is part of an ancestral line that I hadn't even known existed until a year ago! I will tell her that I will no longer use 23nadMe. It has become the most frustrating experience of my ancestral research!

  14. Worst narrator possible! I can't understand a word she's saying!

  15. Wish the narrator spoke more slowly…she whizzes past me in a few seconds! Slow down and speak clearly please?

  16. I keep getting requests to share, but when I go to check them, I have no pending requests. My most recent request did not come up among my matches, either. What is going on? Please.

  17. This new format is absolutely horrible. It is beyond frustrating. Why don't you do something about it. How could you take a perfectly useful and functional site and turn it into a pile of crap!!!

  18. I wrote a comment a few days ago & it seems to have disappeared  In it I ask how to contact 23andme. Is there a phone number ??.  23andme has said that my daughter & I are not related. Now I KNOW that we are. What is going on ?? . This is causing al sorts of problems. I can under stand that her father may not have been more that 16-25 % Italian, but to say that we have nothing in common is BS. Her father refuses to acknowledge her, nothing I can do about that. He was from Italy, but there are a lot of travelers  around that area. Be nice t be able to talk to someone about this, but I guess as long as I don't owe you any money, I'll not hear from you again.

  19. I manage all my family kits under one login. I can't get them all sync'd right in tools and share and compare. For some, when I click on a trait or carrier status etc. I get some shared results and other's say "not available" but, if I go to their profile, they are available. The sharing is not working right. One of my son's profiles is not linked to his father (my husband) and when I find my husband in his list, he shows as a "Friend" so I change him to "Father" and click update but nothing happens. This NEW site is very frustrating!! I also want to be able to browse raw and see my entire family results together like I could with the old site.

  20. How do I change my family information. I want to add more locations and names.

  21. Joyce Reid says:

    I agree she was talking way too fast!

  22. I have been receiving requests to share. My husband and I have the same site. How would I know whether the share request is for me or my husband? The first shares did not match me so they must have been for my husband. When I went back to share with my husband they were gone.

  23. This new 23 and me is very bad .The old one was much better . I can not find or do anything any more . It is useless

  24. i used my husband's (my married) name (haynes) to send in my test. came back thinking i'm mostly Irish. no – because my family did an ancestry.com search a few years ago and we are spanish/french. also the price went up and i don't trust the vague data. (sad face)

  25. The new website layout is not as easy to navigate as the old one. Very disappointing. Where do I find the messages I had sent and received with DNA matches?

  26. How can I get back into my account that seems to have disappeared from my computer

  27. NYBestFan says:

    Where is the chromosome browser (formerly family inheritance advanced) on the new system?  I can see the graph that LOOKS like a chromosome browser, with colored bars presumably representing the match but I don't see any way to identify the start and end locations of the match.  I don't see any indication of cMs either?Can anyone tell me how to measure the start/end locations and find the cMs?

  28. Ataralas says:

    Is the Share and Compare just for close family? Or will we be able to do that with our DNA Relatives? The only close match I have is my mom and it's not likely anyone else in my family will test. I can't really do much with one close relative in terms of learning things.

  29. My son had his D&A done, but I see no mention of him being related to me. How come ??

  30. I agree…why so fast talking???SLOW DOWN

  31. Why the fast talking? For crying out loud, why race through these videos? Slow down!

  32. Lu Hubert says:

    I received a message on Ancestry.com from an unknown sister. While I'm extremely happy about her finding me, I don't think my specifics are at 23 and Me. I don't think I ever submitted a kit for DNA testing to them, at least they don't have my email in order for me to sign it. I did submit a DNA test to Ancestry. Are the Ancestry results shared with 23 and Me? I want to know how my sister knew she was my sister.

  33. ilmusicx3 says:

    Why did they increase the price??

  34. when does the health info get released?

  35. Will Medicare pay for this test?

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