Took a dna test with 23andme.com paid $99
sent in my saliva june 25th got my report august 4, 2017



  1. With the Macedonia issue, northern Greece used to be Macedonian but Greece occupied it and killed off exiled and/or forced to assimilate the native Macedonian population. So your ancestors from that region are Macedonian.

  2. The balkan DNA i think is THRACIANS …..and eastern Europe is Slavic !…

    I have as an Albanian from Republic of Kosovo 74% " greek" genes….. and 21% Balkan ……

    But its interesting for me why the ALBANIAN has not a own "gene"….. or do we have the same blood like the greek ??!

  3. I was 32% Italian and 19% Balkan too, plus Mongolian and Irish. I never knew what Balkan was until I researched. My daughters hair is just like yours! I'm pretty sure that's a southern European trait………enjoyed your video!

  4. Wow so cool… it is amazing to know some part of you… thank you for sharing dear?❤️

  5. Benyubah says:

    Clearly I am from pure African root,subbed You back beautiful,#4,030.

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  9. Hey beautiful I Liked and Subscribed to your channel ? I hope you can do the same

  10. I had this done too! I found out that I'm almost 50% ashkenazi jew! Just subbed you back!

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  13. How very cool!! Your beautiful,you have such a interesting & fascinating heritage hunnie,so amazing your the best of everything lol..no wonder your so wonderful!!!? ? ?? ✨

  14. Bard Gj says:

    Nice results! I have not seen any person from that area to score that high as you have! What surprises me is that Montenegro and Macedonia are slavic countries, which are very high in Eastern European markers. You score so low! You either are slavicsized Albanian or Eastern European genes are included in Southern European definition. But you see your matches. If you matches are Macedonians then you are one of them, and so on. It just don't add up being from slavic countries and having no slavic genes!

  15. Italian is from the Venetian Republic

  16. That's a very cool idea!

  17. unknown says:


  18. This is such an awesome concept! I have been told I'm mostly French but I would love to know what I am!!! I think I have a ton of stuff ??

  19. This is so cool. I'd love to do this too! So cool learning more about who you are. Thanks for sharing it with us doll xo

  20. Oh wow. That is really cool! What a great thing to get done.

  21. Love to hear the results of the DNA results. Looking wonderful, my friend. Many blessings..MaryEllen

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