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23andMe Story: 76-year-old woman finds her birth family

23andMe Story: 76-year-old woman finds her birth family

76-year-old Winnie found her birth family after a 40-year search.

After a geneticist/genealogist recommended that Winnie test with 23andMe, she was matched immediately with a genetic relative who turned out to be her half nephew. Additional testing by 23andMe confirmed that his mother was Winnie’s half sister. Winnie had found her birth family a last.

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


34 thoughts on “23andMe Story: 76-year-old woman finds her birth family

  1. lora gibbs says:

    How beautiful and I couldn't stop crying

  2. Her mum looks like James Spader

  3. MaMa 2020x says:

    Those darn onions! Who is cutting them?

  4. wow!!! i have a lot of ((extremely high)) relatives on my list , after watching this i am a believer . …

  5. Every child matters – choose adoption.

  6. This is very sad, her mother gave her up for what reason idk but was able to. Keep the other four she'd had. I know that must mess with her deep down. I'd feel horrible, but at least she finally found her family.

  7. I wanted to cry so many times on different parts of this video ?

  8. Beach Bum says:

    Why did she give you up??? Not fair your real mom is the one who changed your diapers.

  9. YouTuber says:

    She looks exactly like her mother!

  10. KatsPurr says:

    Just bawling my eyes out. sniff

  11. JezzMC says:

    Thank you 23 and Me for helping me find my biological family. I spoke with my mother for the first time in my life a few days ago. She said she loves me and had always hoped I would find her one day.
    I can't thank you enough. My heart is happy.

  12. Amy Smith says:

    Such a sweet journey. I too was adopted and was lucky enough (after years of research) to find my birth mother however it was too late, she had passed away from colon cancer just months before. She was the only person who knew who my father was. I also found 4 sisters (seemingly from different fathers) and my grandmother, aunts and cousins. We are a military family so we don't have extra funds at the moment to do the 23 and me test. Finding the last link would be amazing and I am grateful that there is this type of service to help people like me who just so desperately want to know where they come from, who they look like, and if there are any health concerns within the family.

  13. This video makes me cry, with joy for Winnie and her family and with sadness for myself. I'm adopted as well. I will soon turn 60 and had hoped I would have this kind of ending when I got my 23 and me results back. 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins. I've reached out to many of them but am not finding connections to anyone knowing who my Mother of Father might be. So for know I am finding some peace in knowing I'm 99.9% European, mostly Scandinavian. Somehow that gives me a connection to who I am. Bless you !!-

  14. I'm waiting for my results too I do feel after watching your experience a more positive outcome. Wish me luck. I do not have a family at all and it will be amazing to know what I. What ethnicity is predominant. Maybe relatives…

  15. Wonderful video, Winnie! So glad you told me your story! Yvonne

  16. wow.. tears are flowing..
    welcome home

  17. Red Wolf says:

    That's why I joined 23 and me. Hope I can find siblings!

  18. They didnt say why winnie got seperated in the first place?

  19. My DNA is being analyzed by 23nme now!

  20. resa renzo says:

    Beautiful and I know her feelings

  21. One of the coolest videos I've ever seen. Thank you.

  22. Waw..! what an emptional video, got me all teared up ans stuff!
    now i'm thinking of dowing a DNA test, just for fun! ^-^

  23. 0:53 Hey she has the same birthday as me [June 18]

  24. Wow, this struck a chord with me. Not only am I adopted, but I also lived in Tahoe for 12 years. I am waiting for my 23 & Me genetic information to fill the void that is my history. I often feel I am an island, but I am hopeful to learn more about my past to make me feel more a part of something bigger. I also am very happy, with two beautiful girls of my own. They often ask about where I came from, and it's so strange not be able to know that simple, factual information. Thanks you Winnie for sharing your story. I am hopeful I will find the answers I am seeking soon.

  25. kth11 0 says:

    Who was the person who disliked this

  26. Whoever disliked this video is heartless. I promised myself I wouldn't cry but…

  27. That Cemetary looks like it's in Northern New York.

  28. My father is 75, looking for his birth family. I hope his story turns out as nice as yours. 😉

  29. one of the most touching stories I've ever seen/heard… I wonder why her mom gave her up for adoption.. I wonder if her other siblings were adopted out or did they find each other also?

  30. Bill L. says:

    What about her father?

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