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23andMe Story: Two of a Kind, Erika and Kristin

23andMe Story: Two of a Kind, Erika and Kristin

Sisters Erika and Kristin explore their shared genetics and what it means to be twins.

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


14 thoughts on “23andMe Story: Two of a Kind, Erika and Kristin

  1. Matt H. says:

    So where's the lesbian gene? lol just joking, nice story.

  2. so… homosexuality IS NOT GENETICAL…

  3. HD et says:

    OMG I thought they are lesbians

  4. John Smith says:

    That ain't just a Mohawk, that's a triple Mohawk

  5. Redblower says:

    Not really identical…one is homosexual one is not.

  6. Jim S says:

    Likewise, I am an Identical Mirror Twin. My bro and I have many similarities and many differences – some nature, and some nurture, and some environmental – exposure to different life experiences molded us into variations on a theme. People
    who know us well know & see the differences – others suspect, but can't quite figure it out. As we age, we seem to be moving towards more similarity than difference. Life is fun fooling others, still. Thanks for posting this story.

  7. Jan Reilly says:

    Similarly, I have nieces who were told by their mother that they were fraternal, but now in their thirties they have had a DNA test for medical reasons and discovered they are identical. They always have looked very alike. I also have grandsons who are identical twins.

  8. So, when are we going to get Epigenetic scans?
    Or expressed RNA scans?
    These girls are obviously quite different in many ways.

  9. Very similar situation with my sister and me. Mom gained 14 lbs total, and gave birth to me and thought she was done – my sister came out 22 minutes later. We weighed 4.8 and 4.10, which is pretty good considering my mother had starved herself at doctor's orders. Doctor immediately pronounced us "fraternal" because of some vague reference to the amniotic sac – there are actually two sacs, amnion and chorion – who knows how many there were of each. We were raised as fraternal until Kaiser Permanente launched a huge twin study in the 1980s and we were tested and told we were identical. It should have been obvious, we looked exactly alike. However, we had attended different schools after 3rd grade, and had very different personalities and two sets of friends, etc. Possibly being told we were fraternal was a good thing because no one expected us to be alike and there wasn't pressure to be alike. Now that we are 60 I have developed 5 autoimmune diseases and my sister is very healthy. So obviously something happened along the way. 23 and me and other groups studying identical twins may be able to come up with answers to this kind of situation. I hope so!

  10. Love this. Thank you for posting.

  11. What is so fascinating is that both of they were in two separate sacs. Although identical, they are very different. Fascinating.

  12. This is so cool! We're ID Mirror twins. Love this!

  13. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

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