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23andMe Story: Two self-described nerds in love

23andMe Story: Two self-described nerds in love

Christopher had been racking his brain. What could he get his girlfriend Colleen for Valentine’s Day that would be a unique and heartfelt gift?

Christopher decided a 23andMe kit was the perfect gift. Colleen is quick to add that Christopher did include flowers, homemade chocolate cake and a sweet note. He described the 23andMe kit as a gift of her past, present and future since she would learn about her ancestry, her traits and some health information.

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


6 thoughts on “23andMe Story: Two self-described nerds in love

  1. I laughed a lot during this. This guy is so weird, and she's just like "well alright I guess." LOL

  2. Nyxie Kit says:

    You two are ridiculously cute! That party was a really cool idea. I'm glad the smelly, asparagus urine didn't scare her off, or lack there of as the case would have it! Many happy years to you both!

  3. sysjls75 says:

    They are a cute couple. Yes, he is definitely a nerd, MD & PhD. Her, not so much.

  4. Mikala F says:

    I think it's sweet that he got her the kit

  5. leog1994 says:

    vVVVVvvvVv thats what i was gunna say hahaha

  6. is da vog says:


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