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23andMe Story: Understanding food intolerance

23andMe Story: Understanding food intolerance

As far back as Alix can remember, she’s had stomach pain. “When I was little, my father would make me drink cow’s milk even though I would complain of pain immediately after.”

At age 40, Alix decided to look into genetic testing to see what she could learn about herself. Through 23andMe, Alix saw that she had a genetic likelihood of being lactose intolerant—everything made sense.

Understanding food intolerance helped Alix make a change.

These are the stories of 23andMe customers. Your experience may be different since everybody’s DNA is unique.


14 thoughts on “23andMe Story: Understanding food intolerance

  1. People are always so quick to throw judgements! I grew up suffering with stomachaches that I have learned it as my normal. As a kid, I remember complaining about hurting tummy a lot of times and at some point I've been told that I'm just making things up just to excuse myself from going to school or just to get attention from people. Most of the time, I keep it to myself but has been absent from classes a lot of times and I will just give different reasons. I've been a very skinny kid and my mom have always seen to it I drink milk before going to bed. My favorite breakfast was oatmeal and cereals and I love cheese. So basically milk has been a part of my life. As an adult, I would blame my stomachaches to Coffee (because I always get gassy stomaches after I've had coffee) or blame my feeling of bloatiness as something related to my monthly period. I grew up with such condition and have come to terms with myself that that's just how it is. I took the dna testing not for the reason of finding out why i always have stomachaches but because I'm curious what is there to find out about myself and that uncovered 2 health complaints I have dealt with and accepted as my normal my entire life!

    For those thinking that this is only a matter of common sense or don't even need a doctor or only takes a Google search to figure out, I won't argue with you. Maybe you're right and I respect that as that is your own reality and admire you for having been able to figure things out on your own your whole life since you were a kid. 🙂

  2. Liz Jones says:

    Genetic testing is great for hard to diagnose diseases or more complex allergies etc. but something as simple as Lactose Intolerance? You can do a Google search and find that out? Was she looking under rocks for a doctor?

  3. I laughed when I watched this, she gets sick after eating milk but keeps eating it. I get fat after eating cookies so Im going to get a genetic test to see whats wrong with me. The best part was she says wow that makes so much sense now. Meaning she must have thought it was related to milk and said screw I like cheese and Im going to eat it. I am disappointed in 23andme for using this as a video. It shows that you have to be an idiot to spend 200 dollars on a DNA test.

  4. Vegi Jen says:

    The comments on here are hilarious. I came to read them after thinking it was very odd that she never figured out she was lactose intolerant. She must have lacked curiosity and had very bad doctors. And here's a spoiler alert for everyone, you are all allergic to casein in animal milk. It will cause you to produce too much mucus in your sinuses and lead to sinus and ear infections. You aren't baby cows, grow up.

  5. speedofpee says:

    …but 70% of the world and over 90% of Asian descent are lactose intolerant. How does one go through to their adult life without figuring out that stomach pain comes soon after consuming milk products? Shoot, you must be lactose intolerant! From one Asian to another, you ain't too bright, Alix. I'd say use your brain but I guess $199 plus a bunch of ER bills is another way to find that out.

  6. Jameson B says:

    This story is so fake. There's no way someone goes 40 some years with a lactose intolerance and needs genetic testing to figure it out. And now, I'm not ordering my genetic test because of this stupid crap.

  7. Echdrum says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 It is not a matter of being 'stupid' as the quick to judge/slow to understand person ('urban explorer') typed. When you are a baby, toddler, a kid, a teenager…. you are programmed, or as we say, "You are raised…." thinking that this is correct. Hind-sight is easily 20/20. But there are people that grew-up drinking water and never knew that the fluoride in it would give them arthritis (me) or burn-out their thyroid, etc. I grew up sort of the same way as the Woman in this video. My Euro-American parents forced me to drink a glass of milk almost every night with dinner. I hated it – but I forced to do so. I think every other day of my school life until I was about 14 was physically a very bad stomach ache day. This has a GIGANTIC effect on your entire upbringing – learning – friends – grades – life. It wasn't until I started studying on my own that I learned that milk from factory animals is far more often BAD for humans. This of course includes the cheeze, ice cream, etc…

  8. I'm amazed that she did not try an elimination diet………….that should of been the first thing to try.Lactose intolerance is an easy fix.

  9. The only stupid people are the "factory" medicine people who ran her through tests such as her gastroenterologist and did not listen to her case. Blaming a patient is the wrong thing to do because 1) NOT EVERY ILLNESS OR SYNDROME IS TEXTBOOK, 2) NO ONE CARES IF IT IS NOT ! They just want to send you the bill. Kudo's to her for looking outside of the standard Obama care manual of tests and using her DNA ! It is a test that does not guess !

  10. This video raises a lot of questions. She had an issue her entire life ad simple as lactose intolerance and she was unable to find out through medical professionals, google, friends, family and all sorts of other sources. That sounds really sketchy.

  11. OMG! you dont need a genetic test for lactose intolerance. just eliminate milk for gods sake and see how you feel. sorry no one can be this stupid

  12. For School says:

    This is the direction i think 23andme should go in. Focus on this area in great detail please!

  13. By god lady.. I REALLY ADMIRE your ability to "endure" … it has also made you the great person you clearly are (suffering has benefits)

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