Hey guys, this is my ancestry DNA results from 23 and Me. As far as I know, I was just Puerto Rican and Mexican. I know having a hispanic background I probably would have a diverse DNA results. I did the video from step one to the point you get your DNA results back. If you you want to skip the first half start the results starts at 19:41.

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15 thoughts on “23andMe SURPRISING DNA RESULTS !

  1. Reborn2h2o says:

    What is your maternal haplogroup?

  2. My guess 60% european, 30% Native and the test african

  3. I’m sorry but his was painful to watch… ?

  4. Nice video! Now that you have 23andme raw data, you should definetely take http://www.24genetics.com ancestry test. I really recommend it, it entirely fit with the information that I already had and it is much more complete

  5. TER 0 says:

    Seem cool, bella, Nice mix and most likely the Native comes from that Mexican side more so…I would have guessed Puerto Rican but like India, tan Latina…Nice, bonita

  6. Nedim Orr says:

    You're so fat and ugly

  7. You definately had well traveled ancestors on the silk road. Awesome possum!

  8. Top Mog says:

    The results appear at 19:40

  9. Joe Flores says:

    You are so awesome…I love your results… you are so cool to listen to and your funny.

  10. Most Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are a mix of Caucasian (Iberian especially),African and Amerindian peoples but at different national averages .The Middle Eastern Moors ruled Spain and Portugal for many centuries.Germanic and Celtic Tribes also inhabited Iberia as did ancient Roman and Greek colonists.Moorish Spain and Portugal once had most of the Jews in the world.

  11. What a waste of time this video is. Just report the results snd quit screwing around. Blah.blah, blah.

  12. You have a interesting phenotype for a Puerto Rican and Mexican mix,I know there is no specific look but if asked I would never guess Puerto Rican and Mexican.

  13. yeah that greeting I don't know where that came from either because you don't look ghetto and it sounds horribly terribly unattractive even when black people do it

  14. Iberian is Spain and Portugal. All your European is probably just Spanish.

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