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23andMe: They’re gonna clone me!?!

23andMe: They’re gonna clone me!?!

In this video I talk about an interesting thing going on in the molecular world. Various companies like 23andme are acquiring genetic data from people for use in disease research. Some people are unaware of companies like this, and many that are aware of these companies aren’t sure why they’re so important. Let me drop a knowledge bomb!!!



4 thoughts on “23andMe: They’re gonna clone me!?!

  1. Well an other great video ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  I do not think I will be doing this anytime soon and not because of a half baked conspiracy theory.  But good post your videos are 10 x better than some of the stuff out there   Thanks again

  2. Sounds like a great project. Hopefully the information can be used in a positive way to help everyone. Thanks for the info.

  3. cole5785 says:

    So if it's truly anonymous, and there is just a number attached to your information, then how do they contact you with results, etc…?

  4. n premoe says:

    My dear interwebz buddy, we can't dismiss all conspiracy theories. There have been reported cases of people having their genomes patented and held from that person due to other researches.

    Not that I'm against giving up dna for turning the world into a more populated earth for the people who contribute more than they take but that's a whole different topic.

    There have been awesome leaps and bounds in the last decade of science and mapping genomes. Hopefully the results of these studies will be used for the greater good and not the greater evils as we both know exist. As much as I could hope for advances in medicine and science I'm also highly skeptical of who holds that power and what they could do with it.

    But I digress. I'd like to see my lineage since I'm not aware of any family holding that knowledge

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