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23andMe: This is IBD

23andMe: This is IBD

Actor and model Dane Johnson was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease, in 2011 at age 22. He joined 23andMe’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease research community in 2015. In this video, Dane talks about how IBD impacts his life, dating with IBD and how he hopes 23andMe’s research will help the IBD community. Learn more about 23andMe’s IBD research initiative here: www.23andMe.com/ibd


19 thoughts on “23andMe: This is IBD

  1. I was diagnosed with UC in 2008, in 2014 i got two surgeries and got my ileostomy.
    I dont like when people say eating right can fix everything!!
    For some people that can "help", but you cant be cured.!

    I tried every diet there is, but little and nothing helped.
    Only thing made it worse was milk.

    For me stress was the worst enemy.

    Im waiting for the day they can cure/disable autoimmune diseases/genes, then many people will get help.

  2. I’ve had chrons for a long time. I’m 33 and it started when I was about 24. Over the years I have had several stays in hospital, blood transfusions, iron transfusions, steroids (oral and I.v), mesalazine, azothiaprin, I’ve had it all. Few months ago I was in hospital with probably the worst flare up. In my teens I was about 80kg strong and fit. When they weighed me in hospital that day I was exactly 55kg and to be honest, inches from death. They loaded me with steroids, mesalazine, antibiotics, azothiaprin all at once. They were arranging to send a surgeon to see me because over the years I had refused to let them perform their surgery on me. Let me back track a bit. My chrohn was so bad that in the midst of it all I broke my neck and didn’t even realise it till it was so far gone I needed a fusion surgery. In fact my skull fused with my c1 all by itself. So long story short about 5 months ago I had my c1 and c2 fused, which means I have a fusion from my skull down to my c2 vertebrae. Anyway, few months ago I was being loaded with all these drugs and they told me my bowels had to be removed or I’ll die. Everyday during my stay I was doing intensive research and came to the conclusion that it is a diet based condition. So I stopped eating the hospital food, which is full of gmo and I started buying fruits and whole foods. Within 2 days the symptoms subsided, I had a flexi camera up the back end and the doctors seemed shocked that all the inflammation was gone. I insisted on them discharging me the same night. Since I got home( about two months ago) I have not taken a single tablet or any medication of any sort, in fact I did not even wean myself off the steroids (prednisolone). I’m not trying to say I’m totally healed, im still a bit underweight and I still feel pain from time to time but it’s more to do with my neck. One thing I can say is that my bowel movements are so much better and no more diarrhoea. I know it’s only been two months but so far so good.

  3. My husband has Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation. If he doesn't get his tea several times a day he can go days without a bowel movement. It started in his 40s or 50s.

  4. Anybody get UC after suspected damage from antibiotics and Aspirin?
    Of course Docs don't know what causes Colitis but they still deny damaging the gut ever sets off autoimmune disease.
    I have some doubts my diagnosis at age 44 just fell out of the sky. Now 4 years remission with Remi.
    Nothing in my 23andMe report indicated likelihood of IBD, I should add. I don't know if paying to analyze the raw data will reveal other likelihoods of illness.

  5. I have IBD and my younger brother has Crohn's disease. I've sent my DNA off to be tested.

  6. Livelive says:

    I had IBD once, man was I worried. I lost an incredible amount of my body weight, no sleep and plus I ran out of toilet paper. I've learned never to eat low quality dairy cheese, every again. My system just won't tolerate it.

  7. I disagree about Crohn's being gluten/grain disorder. In 46 years with Crohn's (10 surgeries), I have tried every diet and non diet like TPN (not eating to rest the bowel), and short of voo doo nothing has worked unless I stop eating completely resting the bowel works. Cannot do that for extended periods of time without damage to the liver, Just my 46 years of experience.

  8. very first date I went on, half way through at the Eric Clapton Concert it began, and the rest of the date I was in agony! holding it all in, driving 100mph to get home for relief. She never went out with me again.

  9. suffered my whole life, but going plant based, and tuning in to which foods triggered an upset were key. I'm pretty much off nightshades, but do eat peppers occasionally with only minor distress. I love spicy foods, greasy sausage, and creamy sauces but all of these are on my NO list, so only very rarely do I indulge.

    I learned all this through listening to my body. It told me what to eat. Also for myself, learning to relax deeply, has helped. Meditation and some other relaxation exercises.

  10. Tim Harris says:

    What kind of misleading crap is that? You didn't even start to say how 23andme can help! The video turned happy music and buying vegetables after deciding to do a DNA test as if taking the test changed his illness. Very deceptive. As if it will tell you what to eat. Do I get a full DNA report if I do the IBD research? It would very helpful if something was done about unusable arrogant, rude, abusive doctors after doctor that deliberately do not provide what they know you need.

  11. B Vivid75 says:

    I've been diagnosed with crohns since 2007 …not fun ?????? I completed my 23andMe kit

  12. I'm sorry Dane. I admire your courage. Hang in there and keep doing the best you can.

  13. Brittany says:

    argh i'm 22 now. diagnosed when i was 21. i know what he means about dating or going out with friends. and im a girl. can be embarrassing

  14. Ginger Day says:

    Notice this year's curetogether chart…Paleo Diet has now made it into the green box of effective/popular treatments. I'm pretty sure it wasn't even listed on the graph when we first checked after Crohn's diagnosis 3 years ago! (For those who are interested in the Paleo Diet, look at the more specific "AP" autoimmune protocol.) fyi, 23andme acquired curetogether….


  15. Ncyim says:

    Most of the time IBD is a glutengraindairy issue. Avoid prescription meds and turn to the Paleo diet and be free of suffering. I was lucky to not have insurance when i got sick and so cured myself. My cousin with the same symptoms had great insurance and is still on many meds and continues to have surgery and discomfort. Avoid those who profit from your disease.

  16. It rules your life, has complications that can kill you. Poor guy is a good view point

  17. Good video. Poor guy

  18. I wish it was free.

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