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13 thoughts on “23andme verified results

  1. You're lucky to have such a low unassigned %. My mother and I have 6%

  2. You are ISRAEL! THE END

  3. They are trying to hide e1b1A I noticed my husband's e1b1a changed on 23andme. e1b1a is common in African Americans, In Africa e1b1b is the common haplo, they don't want to reveal that there is a difference.

  4. Albert Barnes is my second uncle

  5. Also my mother's father's side is Barnes!

  6. thanks for sharing this my brother!

  7. A Estrada says:

    Do I get the ancestry timeline without the health option? Just received my results and looking for alternative tests.

  8. Very interesting. If you want to possibly know your sub-haplogroup, you could upload for "free" on WeGene your raw DNA data.

  9. Interestingly this does not show your Finnish ethnicity which it showed on MyHeritage. Do you believe MyHeritage could make false estimates as it is an amateur site regarding DNA tests (they started doing them in November 2016)?

  10. I'm very interested in learning more about your Haplogroup A0! I hope they compile the subclad soon! Great video! 🙂

  11. I added you to my playlist of Afro Americans and Caribbeans that are 90%+ african.

  12. Abdurashid says:

    Ive tested both my parents, will i have to include them for the 2nd time if i want to buy anothother kit for myself ?
    Did you buy the 23andme kit from the American site to access the new 23andme experience?

  13. Kandi P. says:

    now you make me want to take this test, I started to forget about wanting more tests. This is the $199 test

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