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23andMe Vs GedMatch

23andMe Vs GedMatch

Are my conclusions correct? 0%: Sardinian, Iberian,Balkan, Italian, but 5% Mediterranean? Does that mean i’m 5% North African? Please share your thoughts on this.


6 thoughts on “23andMe Vs GedMatch

  1. Black Israelites fled Israel to West Africa and were sold into slavery in America. 23&me will attempt to confuse you because especially after that video was released.

  2. Research E1B1A…. your Haplogroup is most likely the bloodline of of Israel. I’m including two links.

  3. moorek1967 says:

    My thoughts are that you are very West African. Nothing wrong with that.

    But remember, now that you know what you are, don't let your ancestors' lost lives be in vain. Don't call yourself what you are not, be who you are. Your ancestors were from some very great kingdoms like Mali, Benin or Togo.

    Yes, you most likely had North African ancestry because there was a whole lot of migration and trade all over Africa. You could be descended from Mansa Musi, you never know.

    I hope with the new regions you will find out exactly where yours came from.

  4. azure kite says:

    Who was White in your family?

  5. Day23J1k says:

    Do you relize each category show you different admixer in you. You have native American in you in different one category and East Africa too. Don't be to fast to dismiss it.

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