Home DNA Ancestor23andme waste of money if youre from south east asia, Lao-thai girl DNA results!!
23andme waste of money if youre from south east asia, Lao-thai girl DNA results!!

23andme waste of money if youre from south east asia, Lao-thai girl DNA results!!

A lao girl just trying to find out where her parents are from.

23andme is currently 50% off. I paid 200 for my kit. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment..


30 thoughts on “23andme waste of money if youre from south east asia, Lao-thai girl DNA results!!

  1. Ancestry DNA from ancestry.com has made some changes. They even have Philippines category now. I saw some updates a facebook friend of mines displayed on his page the company made to his results. They may now even have a category for other Southeast Asian countries now.

  2. “And it lets you know if you pee and if you have a chance of your pee smellin like whatever because you eat asparagus I don’t know what is that called”

    I laugh my ass off hearing this like what the fuck does it mean ? ??

  3. you should try myheritage it tells you if you are thai/cambodian or filipino/indonesian/malaysian but there is not lao i think. Or U can also try to upload your dna at gedmatch or wegene or dna land.

  4. That's because you're perfect. So,they try and mix you up with other shit.

  5. Ploy Ploy says:

    Ancestry is a much better choice for breaking down and going into detail in where ur from. They mostly state the countries

  6. I think people want to go too deep into they're ancestry. Like for me I know i'm asian and african american but I wanted to see the percentage not really ethnic background which finding out more is school. But If you look at history you know we aren't just one ethnic group. Because africans should know the percentage not really the region because african slave lost they're culture long time ago as a slave now you can't even tell which countries you came from but to know it was somewhere in west africa, sometime you'll get east african and south africans but that just because of before slavery happen we had some ancestor that was from the region. And for southeast asian we as asian have travel down south and mated with different southeast asian that it isn't hard to know that how it happen. But you can say you are laos and thai because that's all you know but still the percentages won't lie. but it actually updated to the point now it shows you southeast asia countries

  7. 23 and me is kinda racist to southeast asians…it seems

  8. Olive Ra says:

    True girl. I'm Laotian and Vietnamese and it's so broad

  9. Yeng Lao says:

    Use your mtdna to trace your mother lineage. At this point your mtdna is a starting point, hope this helps.

  10. cc cher says:

    Oyy for those Filipinos….

  11. Tina Le says:

    23 & Me recently "upgraded" and it added about 30 more countries :))) I believe that people who have previously paid for the package will have theirs updated too so hopefully it'll be more useful

  12. CNX625 says:

    Chinese is also very broad term because there are hundreds of different ethnic groups that live in China.

  13. Shane Mau5 says:

    Have you done research as why they don't go into detail for that region?

  14. willie417 says:

    You need/should to upload to WeGene, they lean more toward Asian heritage https://www.wegene.com/en/

  15. Anyone who is non-Vietnamese Southeast Asian and lives in the United States can do 23andme for free. Please help spread word about this. https://www.23andme.com/global-genetics/

  16. The problem is lines on a map will not align to DNA tests. The best thing to do is go through your matches and find out where they are from. The closer ones will be more telling. Then you can kind of infer more closely your origins.

  17. Thank you so much for making this video!!!! I appreciate it all❤️❤️ my dad is Lao and Khmu and my family isn’t sure what my moms ethnic identity is. So I was looking towards 23andme. But I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be worth it. Now I know it isn’t!!! Thank you!!!❤️❤️

  18. Good Vibes says:

    Filipino here, 23andme does help if you have other good things..thanks for clarifying in the video. you should upload your raw data to GEDMATCH .

  19. Laos and Cambodians are from Africans black booty hole

  20. Girl South American countries is also not worth it. It literally just says Native American… bunk!

  21. Angel Lee says:

    The more data tehy get the more precise it will become. So it's not useless and it gets updated.

  22. Go to WeGene.com and GEDmatch.com and upload your 23andme results to them. It'll break it down more. My 23andme results says I'm 38% Southeast Asian and 60% East Asian. When I uploaded to WeGene.com, it broke it down to everything but the kitchen sink. I'm apparently: Thai, Vietnamese, Dai, She, Hmong, Mien, Tibetan, Northern and Southern Han Chinese. So, yeah… oh, I'm also a Neanderthal too (about 4%).

  23. Miri M says:

    Southeast Asians are so mixed up with each other that it's hard to tell who's who with the DNA

  24. So what DNA test should someone try for southeast asian?

  25. South east asian are related to xhosa or "san' tribe of south Africa.

  26. Have you tried uploading the raw file to wegene ??

  27. did you ever read a history book or documentary about Thailands history… Thai People originated from south & northwest CHINA 4000+ years ago. Thai is more like a nationality nothing more (especially nowadays SEA is very mxd with several asian ethnicitys too so) ,any test that tells u ur Thai is wrong ,cambodians for example are natives of southeast asia ,Thais arent. Somehow i think These labories dont do enough Research on many ethnic volks.

  28. Matxe9212 says:

    People in that region are too similar genetically to tell the difference so you cant get an answer to that.

  29. I think if there aren't enough studies or researches for that region, then these DNA test just provide vague information.

  30. Cree X says:

    They're bad with Africa too. They only have 4 regions for Africa. I do not like 23andme, but they're good for European DNA.

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