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23andMe Weight Loss Study Update

23andMe Weight Loss Study Update

Halfway through the 23andMe Weight Loss Intervention Study here is how I have been doing and a couple things I have learned. Six more weeks to go!

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12 thoughts on “23andMe Weight Loss Study Update

  1. fizzy965 says:

    Please will you review an adult kick scooter? They're good exercise and lots of fun at the same time!

  2. cool 23and weight loss did it work good paris

  3. Miss Arale says:

    Awesome Parris! I just lost some weight as well!

  4. "Weigh" to go, Parris! Congrats on your weight loss! I'm looking forward to your mountain climbing report! 🙂

  5. Would be interesting to do a video of the Guadalupe peak climb, Have you thought about taking us along. Even if you don't film the actual climb, just the scenery before and an update after. Good luck either way. Great video as always.Thanks

  6. This is great. Wish I participated I was to indecisive then too late. I swear I can see a difference on you even if it is just 5 pounds but that's still great ☺

  7. Every walk you take
    Every protein shake
    Every mile you break
    Every step you take
    You're a stronger you
    Keep it up, Parris. We all have our weak moments where exercize turns into extra fries, but every day is a new opportunity to do better.

  8. Lydia Moss says:

    Good for you! I hope you can climb that mountain!

  9. Maybe the less wieight loss, has given you a gain in more muscle tissue , so no great weightloss but a better looking and more athletic figure 🙂 ? and thanks for saying those extra two questions out loud, because i might have that derma-thiliomania thing ( and not only when you read it :p ), i never heard about i and now i can explore that route.

  10. mjhonold says:

    congratulations on your weight loss☺️?

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