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$99 DNA Test from 23andMe- Is it for you?- EpicReviewGuys

$99 DNA Test from 23andMe- Is it for you?- EpicReviewGuys

I am taking the plunge and signing up with 23andMe to map my DNA for $99. Check it out here- http://epicreviewguys.com/23andMe 23andMe will map 1,000,000 genes and give you a report, based on today’s science, of which health conditions you are more likely to suffer from and which you don’t have to worry as much about. But do you want to know? They also give you an ancestral DNA report about where your distant family originally came from and even a way to find relatives who have also taken the test. $99 and a cup full of spit are all you need to get started.

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14 thoughts on “$99 DNA Test from 23andMe- Is it for you?- EpicReviewGuys

  1. How legitimate is 23andme? Like is it a legitimate site to get some racial identifying done? My dad got his results back recently and some of his racial background we already knew were listed, as well as some we never knew of, but after some googling, I hear they're kind of phony.

  2. Have you tried putting them vertically in the pouch? 

  3. Hey guy, After your review I sent my money into these guys.  They sent the kit and then the FDA shut them down.  Now I can't get a straight, simple answer from them, as to what I should do … send the sample in, or will they refund the $108, or ????   Can you give me any guidance?  Thanks

  4. Cam Yarber says:

    Well for FDA shutting down Walgreens for the product to be sold. How did FDA approval home HIV test if their worried about the medical results??
    I've been wondering and concerned about that. 

  5. http://money.cnn.com/2013/11/25/technology/fda-23andme/index.html
    You may want to make your viewers aware of this latest development. The FDA did indeed order 23andMe to halt all sales of this. Thanks for all your great reviews!

  6. David Budz says:

    Irregardless is not an actual word!

  7. The FDA just banned 23 and me from selling their sets…cos they wont give information ordered by the FDA even though they have been asked and asked again

  8. thehtgrts says:

    Im honestly real interested in this on how fair the results would be

  9. Just a sidenote:  I was reading their website, and as far as privacy goes, there is already a law in place called GINA, which talks about health insurance and different things can't deny you based on your DNA.  

  10. Ha ha ha ha! Now Google wants my dna?

    You can work with your doctor to get a dna workup who is right there to counsel you if you do find a predisposition towards a serious disease.

  11. interested Video, thanks for sharing, let us know the results please.
    Good luck!

  12. Problems again with comments not showing up- this is a test.

  13. they are going to clone you!

  14. do they do genealogy? Example where your ancestors regions?

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