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A look at 23andMe’s Research Team

A look at 23andMe’s Research Team

At 23andMe, we take a broad view of research, looking at everything from Parkinson’s Disease and cancer to migraines and allergies. What makes our research process unique? The scale — the amount of data we’re able to collect about 1000s of conditions on an ongoing basis. In this video, the researchers behind 23andMe talk about their work.


10 thoughts on “A look at 23andMe’s Research Team

  1. My name and genes , even air I breathe out is copy righted/trademarked. I would expect total destruction of my sample and NO passing on of my priviledged data OR rare gene type/exceptioal or rare disease resistant to back room interests. I hope this is clear and the company complies with all privaccy and sample security

  2. Hello. My name is Ivan. I am from Russia. I need to make DNK test. I explain history. Was a man Nikolas Nefiodkin (1908-1997) he married with Anotonina Afanasieff (1907-1981) and she gave birth to a daughter, Susanna (1936-2010) My grandmother) then they Ravel and Nikolai Nefiodkin married another woman Antonina Petlenkova. They had two daughters, Tatiana (1940) and Elena (1946). Nicholas did not recognize that his daughter is Susanna. Susanna has a daughter – my mother Nadezhda, Tatiana has a daughter – Alexandra. They are halfcoisines (have only common 1 grandfather). They want to make a test… to be sure that they are relatives. What can you advise (offer).

  3. terry free says:

    Will this test reveal my Amercian Indian Tribe that my ancesters from??

  4. RA30st08 says:

    I really wanted to use your service but going over your list of genetic conditions, it seemed to lack the ones I really was using the service for. Can you add on extra tests? 

    Specifically: familial hyperaldosteronism genes (CYP11B1, CYP11B2 and KCNJ5)

    P.s. Either you have no way of direct communication through your main website or if you have, it's not clear at all how to do so…..hence my comment here on a YouTube video…

  5. What have you guys actually discovered or found that other scientist have not found?

  6. Jon says:

    To HELL with the FDA thats all I came here to say.  To hell with the government.

    So tired of their bullshit.

  7. 0 dislikes? I guess the FDA hasn't watched the video yet 🙂

  8. Michael, I had my genome sequenced and it is totally up to you which surveys to answer (if any).

  9. Thank you 23andMe team! To hell with the FDA!

  10. What does "people participating" mean? Does a would be customer have the chance to choose to participate or not?

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