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Adoptee Finding My Family Thru Ancestry DNA Part 24

Adoptee Finding My Family Thru Ancestry DNA Part 24

This video is about me using ancesrty dna to find my biological dads side and my feelings after getting the results!

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4 thoughts on “Adoptee Finding My Family Thru Ancestry DNA Part 24

  1. Mystra Bua says:

    You ended up where you were meant to be and those interactions made you the amazing woman you are today. I say don't look back anymore but forge ahead.
    Good luck w/the surgery! ?

  2. I suggested in your last video when you said you were sad and were wondering what to do now, I said you could write a book. Now I know what you can write about. There are plenty of books written by adoptees and how they found their families. You can write a tell-all book – maybe even be a whistleblower – on the lies that adoption agencies tell to their clients and to the young (usually unmarried) mothers who are often coerced or forced to give up their babies. You would have to do a lot of research and talk to tons of adoptees and get their stories, but I'm sure you can do this. If you wrote this book, I would love to read it!!!

  3. kmnewell3 says:

    Thinking of you Shelly. You have new journeys ahead. ❤

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