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African Ancestry DNA update, and 23andme discount code!

African Ancestry DNA update, and 23andme discount code!

Just a little update on how things are going on my ancestry dna journey. I’ll be updating another video once I get the y-chromosome info from my cousin’s kit. If you’d like to get your own kit for a discount, click this link: https://refer.23andme.com/s/candace74


28 thoughts on “African Ancestry DNA update, and 23andme discount code!

  1. We will always accept you baby! You mannerisms are like a classy black girl! Your voice is mostly black sounding ( high pitch! Hope you took the black buddy! You are beautiful!

  2. browniegay says:

    Hate is a learned behavior. You are who you are. I have Irish, and Scandinavian in my DNA. We should embrace our differences and learn about different cultures.

  3. Trolls are trash screw them.Keep smiling

  4. I'm Lakota, White and African.
    I knew about the African before I did my ancestry test.
    My dad is Lakota and African mix, my mom is Lakota and white.
    I can trace my African ancestors as far back as where they came from BEFORE coming to South Dakota as freed slaves. They came here to work on the railroads.
    I can't get any further back than that. I wished I could because I want to know who their owners were.
    I did my test through 23andMe.
    I would like to talk to you further about finding African geneology records if possible.

  5. Please…. get on with it. I don’t care about all the chattering.

  6. I apologize for those black people who tried to denounce your black ancestry.

  7. You're a true reflection and result of the the American legacy. DNA is just a roadmap to the history of our individual origins, as well as the history of the United States of America. IT'S VERY BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for posting such a great video

  8. frazzled M says:

    i voted for trump but how you voted doesn't make a difference to me. I have friends from both sides it may not be a topic we don't talk about but there is so much more in a person .Than who they vote for .if you truly fell against me for that reason please let me know and I will leave as to not offend you on your blog

  9. E Elias B says:

    Dont generalize about hate and racism worldwide. Its true that prejudice is everywhere the hateful racism is more prevalent on anglosaxon germanic scandinavian mayority areas. For example the us is highly racist because has a high porcentage of these people. But places like south america are more clasists than racista but you can find violent racism in anglosaxon germanic scandinavian comunities where in the rest of the region is nonexisting. The same is true in africa. While the africans can discriminate status and class it is only among the anglosaxons germanic scandinavian ethnicities that you find horrors like the apartheid. So dont think that violent racism is a human fenomenon. Its more of these groupd fenomenon. No surprice these people created a hitler.

  10. it's all love but you need to let me up those numbers so you can be more black. all this hate. brings the sweetest love making mmm

  11. Love you ???U Good God Bless You ?❤❤❤❤❤

  12. E.C Arnold says:

    I'm 2% African as well, and now the first page of all my 23andme DNA matches is all people with less then 5% African. You're definitely not alone in this world lol my people are from s.c as well and in SC 12% of all self identified whites have some African heritage.

  13. Hey hey, Cali Native, typing to you from Summerville, closer to The Corner and Ladson.


    I'm a family historian. I recently received my Ancestry DNA kit as a gift from my children.

    I have a similar 2% return and a family history of "buried genealogy." I haven't been digging in this particular info yet because my mother never met her father and I have a 2nd cousin match to his nephew, that has my direct attention right now.

    People are really racially ugly here and I come from a place of huge diversity where everyone is the same color and everyone is/was the minority!

    Good for you! Your videos are raw and honest and I appreciate how genuine you are.

    I watch YT on my tv (Roku) so I must use a different source to comment. As a blogger and early adopter to technology and social media, my world is very small at the moment because my laptop is ill and in the hospital. (under repair, ha)

    Best of luck to you. Make a journal your best friend because your mind isn't a computer.

    I'm launching a whole new niche to my struggling online blogging life. I can't wait to launch the family history part.

    Btw, my husband's direct lineage is from France into Acadia. His DNA has returned no French. Rut Roh! Another adventure for another day.

    With a little more investment, you have given me what I needed to become a Vlogger. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. Heck I have .5% South African ancestry. I consider myself part African because I am. Obviously, I see you as part African, because that is only fair. We are all the human race.

  15. Hate is being generated by a few, including the president. It’s “them and us, “junk. Just be you, you have helped out with my hip bursitis . So, I think having all kinds of history is really cool. My mom traced her family back to Ireland.kathy

  16. Great video, we all humans created from an amazing God. 2 percent African is African, keep on with your journey

  17. Welcome to the family..I can see your blackness showing. Stay strong..dont let no one let you down..your gonna learn a lot now that your a black woman at least by racist accounts..but stay strong sista..

  18. So CandyLamb, welcome to the family. That you are willing to embrace who you are speaks volumes about your character. Perhaps intrinsically that's your Black side. In any case, wishing you continued success in your search for your ancestry. I don't know if you ever watch the show 'Who do you think you are" hosted by Dr. Henry Louis Gates. That show has a remarkable track record of tracing people's ancestry. I don't know if the show still air's but perhaps if they do, you can contact the show,and they can give you pointers on how to trace records through sources that are currently unknown to you. Perhaps it's worth a try. Anyway, best of luck to you and your quest for truth.

  19. This is a very insightful video of how people can be at their worst based on the negative comments. Good luck in your quest to learn more about your family and ancestry!

  20. Good for you Candice! People are so ignorant. I often get people asking if I’m mixed race because of my colour and hair texture. What does it matter? As you said we should be proud of where we come from regardless of the race. It’s fascinating to learn that we are connected to countries all over the world. I am from Jamaican heritage so I’m from a very mixed bag. In Jamaica, people of all races live there and they consider theme selves Jamaican, period. My fathers side a extremely light and mothers mum was mixed. I never looked into my ancestry but love the history and have asked relatives about my great grandparents on both sides.Despite colour differences of great grandparents on my fathers side, they were married and like you believe my great grand father was possibly a slave owners son. I know I have West African, South American Indian, Irish, Scottish, possibly German and Jewish on both sides. I’ve been inspired by you to peek into my past, although some parts might be painful. Well done for embracing your heritage and not following a lot of family members foot steps. You are a good person Candice inside and believe me there are people just like you and me. Don’t feel that the negative views reflect the majority. I have had kindness from strangers that were white when my son had a seizure at the train station and took my mother and daughter home with them and feed them, while my son was critically ill in hospital. They didn’t care that we were of a different race. Don’t give up on humanity.It is out there, believe me it is.?

  21. Your Father might be Eastern Europe.

  22. I hate racism. Everyone has a diverse background. If you are a Christian, you know we come from Adam, & Eve. The different races came about in Babylon, at the "Tower of Babel", which is in modern Iraq.

  23. Aaaawwwww, i like you. You can be my sista…lol. I'm sorry people act like that.

  24. tobin2517 says:

    You are where you born and raised. This is what you truly are, and there's a big difference between being born and raised somewhere and being a descendant of someone. Huge difference. To be submerged in the culture, customs and traditions. To speak the language be affected by the politics, economy, and day to day life of a country, this determines your influences. People are finding out they are have a Spanish or German ancestor from a hundred years ago and say "I'm Spanish". But you're not really you are merely a descendant. You weren't born there, raised there. You don't speak the language, know the culture, etc, etc. They could be 60 years old finding out about there ancestor from 300 years ago and they say with a British accent "I'm German" So weird and inaccurate. You are British but of German decent. At the end of the day we are all human. All of us. All of us.

  25. Tom Chan says:

    I was watching another video and the comment from some twit was, "Don't trust those DNA tests, because companies have admitted to adding in African DNA to samples. The purpose is the create racial harmony." I about laughed right out of my seat. There will never be racial harmony….because some humans are assholes. Will always be assholes. They come all shapes, races, genders and groups. Doesn't matter….what color we all become. Assholes will always be amongst us. We just have to make sure they don't drag us into their shit.

  26. At least you are telling the truth , ignore the Hate ! The World would be a better if everyone one thought like you !

  27. The people that are stupid and have not taken the test may be surprised at what there DNA may reveal . You are great no matter what is in the soup that is you.

  28. i wonder what they say to the black looking people who are just as shocked..excited knowing they have a small percentage of european ancestry..shows their ignorance..regardless of opinion fact is you wouldn't be here today without those genes..maybe they should consider that before allowing their ignorance to over rule fact..logic..and common sense..great vid..

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