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Ancestry DNA Results (23andme, Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA)

Ancestry DNA Results (23andme, Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA)

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35 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results (23andme, Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA)

  1. Mine was 27% cameroon congo 26%benin%togo 19% mali 5% senegal 2%southeast bantu 3%west europe 1% nigeria 1%ghana 8% ireland scottland wales

  2. Please lookup Andre Bryant you look like his age progression

  3. Toni Braxton is 63percent European. But sister Tamar is 87percent African.

  4. Native-Indian Bloodlins can skip some brothers and sisters. I wouldn't be concerned.

  5. It should take at least 2weeks for a good DNA Test to come back. Lumping all this stuff together is a mess.

  6. Emma 60695 says:

    I am from Martinique and i have South Eastern bantu too 🙂

  7. I'm blacker than you. Yea!

  8. No you are right it can't be 100% accurate and dude you look like a sizable chunk of Native American.

  9. Great Video ! MY highest DNA from ancestry.com is, Benin/Togo 23%.

  10. ruvian00 says:

    Great video . I actually just order My acenstry DNA. Kit . I think I have most native since both parents are peruvians From South America. Incase people. Don't know where Perú is.

  11. Good for you , knowledge is POWER!

  12. Those test do not show native american DNA

  13. Let me help you out. The people in west Africa are not native to Africa. They migrated to west Africa from the middle East. They are the real Jews of the bible. Check this documentary out, it will give you more clarity: "True identity of the so called negro part 4"
    Here is my email if you have any questions: oseebenisrael@gmail.com

  14. Did u notice his reaction at 1:30 when he find out that he's %81 African, he decided to ignore that n spend most of his time talking about Europe and Russia. .man self hate is DEEEP. .this is coming from an Ethiopian

  15. Do you know that these % of european are not really european! Its actually also african dna or we better say hebrew dna! Because along time ago europe and rusia was rulled by africans or hebrews also called moors! They brought all of the knowledge to europe! What so you think why they called it the dark ages….. Because black people ruled!!! Go and reasearch it also in ierland and scottland and russia was rulled by black people! The so called real jews of the bible!!

  16. I'm a white Arab and have some European in me 17% to be presise

  17. Bantus were kick out of the west for their brutality and migrated east and even integrated with Arabs….hence the Swahili language! Maybe Chicago are filled with BANTUS …all that killing their doing to each other. Fyi….Latino and Hispanic people are mixed with african hence the slave trade…lol

  18. I got 87% Ireland.
    3% Iberian Peninsula.
    2% Italy/Greece.
    2% Great Britain.
    2% Europe West.
    1% European Jewish.
    this really shocked me I'm 3% Caucasus West Asian and was expecting more Great Britain because my last name is English.

  19. Happy says:

    Cool video. Can't wait for my results! ^_^

  20. Hey!! I love your video!! I am Vincentian & Trinidadian American! Just started my genealogy journey as well. Can you subscribe to my channel to see my results?!! Still waiting for my results…I would love to share my moment with you! I plan on testing other people in my family on my channel as well.

  21. ubuu7 says:

    Every black person I know assumes they have this ocean of native american inside them.

  22. most of the people who do these tests and are American (from the u.s.) always say they have native American. I feel like I would feel more connected to the land I'm living in if I had even a sliver of native dna i'dk. maybe that's why many American families say this

  23. Youre an Israelite. So they don't show your y haplogoup??????

  24. wayndell says:

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  25. Enjoyed watching your video <3

    Let me know what you think of my videos!

  26. DRM says:

    Thank you for posting this. My partner is African American and is interested in genealogy. For obvious reasons, he can only trace his family history back to around 1890. Want to get him a DNA kit for Christmas, but wasn't sure which one would be most specific. (He knows he also has a white great-grandmother, but he's not sure of her ethnicity…he said she could have been Native American, too, just based on appearance.) From what I see here, the Ancestry DNA kit seems more specific than some others, which look like they only tell you the general part of the continent. Very helpful video.

  27. You are what your dad is…Dominicans, Haitians, native Indians Cubans, Mexicans,Jamaicans and African Americans are of the tribes of Israel which is GOD holy people in the bible.If your dad is white, African, Asian you are not of the 12 tribes. learn who you want to have children make sure he is of the tribes of Israel. No you came on the boats like the black slaves in America, we came from Jerusalem…Ancestry DNA is garbage! Haitians are the tribe of Levi from the bible. when you guys fight you are killing your brothers and sisters. research literates on youtube they break it down and so do we. the tribe of Judah are the only Jews…those that call themselves Jew are converts. According to GOD it's the so called African Americans and we are not African. Spaniards are white and were called the moors.


  28. sysjls75 says:

    The major influence of your DNA comes from the last 3 generations. You must or try to make clear your lineage and their influence by ethnicity of your forbearers.

  29. 2uplift says:

    What was your haplogroup from 23andme?

  30. Actually you are average one percent over or under is not statistically significant.

  31. did you just say trinidad and tob-Ah-go ??? lmfao …

  32. mine was 84 percent african from ancestry and 88 percent from gedmatch (ethiohelix plus french)

  33. It is because they are trying to steal your birth rights by showing you phony results. If you are considered a black American then you are actual a descendent of the so call Native Americans who were and still are the copper colored people they discovered living here when they came here. Their now trying to keep you blind and unaware that you are truly the Indigenous people of this land. Go to Facebook and check out (1828 Definition of the Americans) and stop falling for the lies.

  34. I thought by the title that you had taken all three test and were going to compare the results for all. 🙁

  35. bo5ticliz says:

    Hello fellow Bostic 🙂 Found you through looking up the origin of our last name.

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